Klein Tools Ergodyne

Klein Tool Acquires Ergodyne Work Gear

Klein Tools Ergodyne

The commitment to a Safer Work Place is a shared goal for many companies and tool brands, Ergodyne has been a leader at the forefront of this push with one of the most extensive collection of tool tethering and storage solutions for working at heights. Klein Tools is the brand most trusted by electricians, many working at heights so this is a very logical partnership. Ergodyne has tons of tool storage solutions, FR clothing and other safety items that just make a lot of sense to work with existing Klein tools and help in new product development for both brands.

Klein Tool is still family owned, since 1857, on its 6th generation now which we think is great however it means the specifics of financials won’t be available to the public. From the sounds of it the Ergodyne brand will remain independent but will work together closely.

“Ergodyne and Klein Tools have much in common, including our commitment to innovation, safety, our customers and our reputations for producing high-quality products,” says Tom Klein Jr., co-president, Klein Tools. “We believe that our combined resources and expertise will enable us to grow more quickly together than we could have separately. We’re excited to welcome Ergodyne to the Klein Tools team.”

Together, Klein and Ergodyne plan to expand their venerable brands and leverage their combined expertise, years of experience and industry know-how to accelerate innovation in the safety products space.

“We couldn’t be more excited to join the Klein brand and family,” says Tom Votel, president, Ergodyne. “Our company has seen tremendous success over the last three decades within the safety space, and we can’t wait to propel that forward with this historic partnership.”

We really like both of these brands on their own and think them coming together is really going to be a good thing for their respective users. We continue on our record setting ride of the good economy, where the toughest issue is finding good help to do all the work. For as long as this continues we think we will continue to see more acquisitions and consolidations within tool brands. Some will be bring better, safer, more useful products to end users, other may just buy up competition shelf space but for better or worse plan on more consolidation announcements to continue.

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