Johnson’s Magnetic Torpedo Level for Welding 1404-1000

We have been pretty impressed with the depth and innovation of the new levels coming from Johnson Level & Tool. The Glow-View is one such innovative feature which lights up the bubbles (no batteries required) on several of their new units. Most recently they launched a new 10” Welder’s Level, which is able to handle the high temperatures associated with welding work surfaces thanks the all cast aluminum frame and three v-groove magnets. This unit however does not incorporate the Glow-View feature, our assumption being the glow material may melt under high heat, but it does feature their SurrondView technology for maximizing reflective light in dim work areas. Check out the 1404-1000 Welder’s Torpedo Level if you are in the market for a really tough level. Read the full Johnson Press Release below.     

MEQUON, WI, Johnson Level & Tool, leader in spirit levels and laser levels, has expanded its level offering again with the introduction of a 10-inch magnetic, cast aluminum torpedo level.

The new 1404-1000 Magnetic Welder’s Torpedo Level is made of a solid cast aluminum frame, with three high powered v-groove magnets embedded in the gauging edge.  The level features Johnson Level’s SurroundView® vial system which reflects ambient light for easy reading in dimly lit work environments and durable precision block vials that will not crack, leak or fade.  The block vials read plumb, level and 45 degrees. "We designed this level to be effective on ‘hot jobs’, or environments where a welder works on a daily basis.  The solid cast aluminum frame and rare earth magnets stick to ferrous metals while high temperature welding is taking place." said Jeff Johnson, Director of Marketing at Johnson Level.

The Welder’s Torpedo Level is one of 15 torpedo levels offered by Johnson Level.  Other torpedo levels include features such as Multi-Pitch® vials which read in 1/8-inch increments, Glow-View® vial systems which glow-in-the-dark, and top-read torpedo levels which are more easily read at different angles.  All Johnson levels come with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on accuracy.

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