Johnson Laser Cross Line Level 40-0921 Full Kit – Review


When looking for a good quality inexpensive line level there are plenty of options out there. We recently had the opportunity to review Johnson’s entry level line laser kit 40-0921 ($82, Amazon) and thought it offered some real nice features for the money.

Out of the Box


Right of the bat we were happy to see that this kit includes a tripod and laser glasses but still remains at a very competitive price. We were not terrible impressed with the tripod quality but defiantly good enough for occasional use and has the 5/8”-11 thread which can be difficult to find without going to a rotary laser tripod, which can get pricey.

The Laser

When it comes to cross line lasers this unit is definitely on the larger side. Many of these style lasers are compact enough to fit in belt pouches. The larger round shape does allow for a 360° graduated base which rotates, a nice feature over the other compact models. This unit is accurate to ¼” at 35 feet which is standard for entry level and certainly precise enough for most tasks. The pendulum is self leveling and locks when not in use however if something should go wrong the 3 year warranty certain provides a little extra piece of mind. The one downside we saw with this unit was no ¼”-20 thread, common for most pole & wall mounts, also no magnets which we have seen on other unit mounts. We found the laser strength to be pretty strong, very similar to competitive models and several higher-end line units so no complaints there.


For the money a great unit, when it comes to DIY or remodeler lasers the line laser is definitely the most popular and arguably the most useful. Having everything you need in one kit and such a simple laser to operate this unit really to go out of the box. Our one wish would be that it had a ¼”-20 mounting option as well, not that it needs is with the included tripod but you never know.   

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