Johnson Laser 2 Dot Plumb Laser 40-6670 Review

Plumb dot lasers are popular among plumbers, electricians, finish carpenters and many other trades for finding well plumb. This Johnson laser 40-6670 ($89, Amazon) is a fairly inexpensive laser tool with the complete package of self-leveling, locking off switch, carrying case and target included. As prices among laser leveling tools continue to come down we are more and more questioning the need for laser companies to have both a 2 and 3 dot laser in their product lines. At some price point it’ll probably make sense to simply cut the 2 dot lasers all together. 

Traditionally Johnson lasers does an excellent job of bringing all the necessary components to a laser while still keeping the price very reasonable. Unfortunately on this unit we found it not to be as good of a value as we have come to expect from Johnson. First off the unit was more bulky than the competitors and would be less comfortable to wear on your belt with the carry case. Second the front magnet on our unit was not strong enough to hold the unit up without assistance, a pretty big problem in our book. Third while less expensive than the competition it is not really that significant considering a 3 dot Bosch GPL3 ($119, Ohio Power Tool) is smaller and provides much more versatility. All the 3 dot lasers we found, including other popular brands like PLS and CSTberger had identical ¼” @ 100’ accuracy, so in the way of accuracy the Johnson did perform equally to the others.

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