Jobox Safety Cabinets and Gas Cans Rate Highest in UL Testing

Jobox Safety Cabinet

We had an opportunity to see the Jobox Safety Cabinets last year and were very impressed at the time. Unfortunately it takes some time to get a safety cabinet approved by all the necessary governing bodies including OSHA, NFPA, IFC (for self closing models) and an UL Listing which we were surprised to learn many safety cabinets on the market are not UL approved. In addition to the safety cabinets Jobox has also launched a full line of Jobox Safety Cans for storing gas, diesel and kerosene in either type I or type II configurations.

The new Jobox units are available and in-stock now, for question about safely storing materials feel free to contact the folks at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424. If they cannot answer your questions directly they would be happy to get the manufacturer involved to resolve the issue.

Safety Cabinets

  • JOBOX Safety Cabinets outperformed the leading competitor safety cabinet by over 100% in an independent UL 10-minute Burn Test.
  • EZ Level™ Bolster makes leveling simple and safe. No more blind fumbling or tipping the cabinet back to get to the leveling screws.
  • Hi-Viz Safety Information Labels provide a permanent reminder and reference for users to follow proper safety and usage practices.
  • Anti-tip feature on the EZ Level™ bolster extends the base foot print beyond the width of the cabinet for improved stability and resistance to tipping.

Jobox Safety

  • Bright white interiors provide maximum visibility in low light conditions, allowing users to quickly and safely identify cabinet contents.
  • Self-closing models feature an ultra-heavy duty, fully enclosed staggering mechanism to assure doors close correctly and safely.
  • Shelves guide spills safely to the rear, funneling any leaking liquids into a 2″ deep leak-proof sump in the base of the cabinet.
  • Thicker, more robust doors provide a 2.5″ insulation gap between metal panels for added durability and safety.

Jobox Gas Cans

  • Safety cans differ from standard “gas cans” in that they provide a safer means of storing and transferring flammable liquids. All feature spring-loaded, gasketed lids that seal automatically, flame arrestors that prevent flame from entering the can and igniting its contents via the spout, and special heavy-duty construction for superior durability and resistance to corrosion. They are available in two types: Type I and Type II . They come in different colors to designate the specific kinds of flammable liquids they contain.
  • High quality terne plate steel construction for superior corrosion resistance * Type II cans feature 22 gauge steel
  • Rugged tubular steel handle
  • Spring-loaded, gasketed lid seals automatically after handle is released
  • Hi-Viz safety label
  • Pour mechanism with flexible nozzle to totally enclose and contain flammable vapor
  • Integrated vacuum relief vent system in nozzle to prevent implosion Spark-resistant brass tipped nozzle for accurate pouring
  • Type II cans have two openings; one for filling and one for pouring. They are designed specifically for safely pouring flammable liquids without spills.

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