Jobox Mobile Field Office vs On-Site Field Office

A few months ago we got to check out the new Jobox Mobile Field Office at STAFDA show, it’s here and we wanted to compare the new Jobox Mobile Field Office 1-510990 ($2399) vs the existing Jobox On-Site Field Office 1-674990 ($2199). Both units will continue to be available and while both provide a everything necessary to run the jobsite remotely they do have different features & functionality.

The new Mobile Field Office just as it’s stated in the title “Mobile” featuring large rugged caster and a new smaller profile to fit through standard 36” commercial doorways. This makes it an ideal solution for frequently moving around a large jobsite but retains folk bolsters at the bottom and 4 point lifting system at the top. It retains the same 63” width and still fairly tall so the interior still feels roomie enough to provide very functional work space. The bottom shelves are similar depth but loose the long rear cabinet from the full size Field Office (see video below).

The Jobox On-Site Field Office is a taller and deeper box which provides more storage and workspace but loses the mobility. This option is much more stationary and will require a fork lift or jack to move around, certainly not making it through a standard commercial doorway.

Knaack Datavault

Both these Jobox Solutions are designed to be outfitted with computers, routers, 40”+ monitors display, printers and other digital components to compete directly with the Knaack DataVault boxes but of course does not have the $5600+ price tag of the DataVaults. While it’s convenient in theory to have it all already installed for you, $3000+ goes pretty far these days at BestBuy tricking out a Field Office with electronics then you also get the latest and greatest hardware, at least that’s what Jobox is banking on.

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