Jet JLP vs JLH Hoists

Jet Lever Hoists, Promise Safest on Market

Safest Lever Hoists

Safety should always be top priority when lifting extremely heavy items overhead. We were happy to see Jet investing significant resources into improving what was already a great product. The new JLP and JLH manual lever hoist lines are now some of the highest quality hoists on the market and the JLH series is arguably also the safest. Here is a quick look at what is new and the difference between the two options.

JET JLP vs JLH Lever Hoists

Jet JLP vs JLH Hoists

The JLP series offers a great option for manual lever hoists ranging from ¼ ton to 6 ton designed to be priced inline with the cheaper options but offer better safety with brake wear indicator, cast steel latch and 2-step free chain. The JLH series is top of the line option which features single piece fused brake with lifetime replacement, new handle design shorter & safer, grade 100 corrosive resistant chain and overload protection on every model. The JLH series is a little more expensive but still priced less than comparable high-end models that don’t have all the same safety features from Harrington, CM, Coffing and others.

Jet JLH Lever Hoists Aim to be Safest on Market

On first glance you might notice the Jet hoists went from an off white to a pretty stylish gunmetal gray color but after talking with the folks at Jet we have come to understand the change is way more than just a nice paint job. These guys are very passionate about the lifting category that has not seen a whole lot of innovation otherwise.

The one piece fused brake, which Jet made popular, is still a critical part of the JLH’s safety offering, it should never wear out even with heavy use but even in an extreme case if it does wear down it’ll be replaced for free, no questions asked. Break failure can cause a lot of issues with the hoists, avoiding this problem altogether means it should last longer but also safer for those using it.

New handle design was another safety feature improvement but just smart ergonomics for the user. The lever for JLH series was already a compact design with the shortest throw on market (shorter than CM or Coffing, equal to Harrington’s top model) but the new patented offset design gets knuckles and fingers out of the way of high tension steel chain.

The biggest change is that for the JLH Series all units have slip clutch Overload Protection which is indicated by the big red circle on the side. The clutch engages once the force is over 125% of rated load, of course it holds the load in place but will not allow for added tension. This resets easily by lowering the load back down, this is another feature that will greatly extend the lift of the hoist but more importantly prevent misuse which could lead to serious injuries. From a safety director or business owner’s perspective it seems like a no brainer this should be the standard, with JLH there is no longer an additional cost for the Overload Protection and you can prevent a wide range of catastrophes.

Jet JLP-A Lever Hoists, Improves Safety

If you’ve looked at the JLH Series but are looking for a less expensive option, the JLP series maybe right for you. Of course safety is still a top priority for Jet so they have made several improvements but offer a great balance of price to features that is hard to beat. The JLP uses less expensive 80 grade black oxide coated chain, has a longer arm throw, uses disk brakes that will need replace and does not have overload protection.

If used properly, frequently inspected and serviced at the required intervals the JLP series should be just as safe to operate as the JLH, it just is not as “idiot proof” in preventing misuse. The brake wear indicator is new and a unique feature which will visually show wear to the brakes. The Cast Steel safety latch is also normally a premium feature for most other lines, safer because it’s more durable and less likely to bend out of compliance with lifting regulations.

Overall we have been incredibly impressed with Jet’s focus on the lifting category from the VOLT True Variable Speed Electric Hoists to these new safer level hoists and the promise of more to come in the near future within the lifting category. If you have any questions on manual or electric hoists give the pros at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424 and they will be happy to help you find the right tool for the job.

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