Jet Tools – Vortex Cone New Dust Collection Machines

The Jet website for their new Vortex Cone Dust Collection units really impressed us with some good information and a ton of nice YouTube videos (see below) from the guys of Extreme Makeover Home Edition. The site has a helpful index of different shop machines and their required amount of air flow for proper dust removal. Here are just a few basic measures from their Dust Collection 101 section that might be helpful to review before you visit the site:

EFFICIENCY – Two specifications that provide an accurate measurement of a dust collector’s actual performance: 1. CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) – Volume of air a collector moves 2. SP (Static Pressure) – Number of inches of pressure created

AIR PERFORMANCE – A Fan Curve chart illustrates the genuine performance of a dust collector. It measures CFM at various levels of air resistance. As the inches of SP increase, the CFM decreases. Performance is not compromised with the addition of a finer filter.

CFM RATING – A higher CFM rating indicates that the collector can handle a higher output, either more chips or multiple machines. A higher SP rating indicates that more ductwork can be used and still be efficient. With high CFM and SP ratings, the Vortex Cone models will ensure that you achieve the power needed.

FINE DUST – 98% is the industry standard for filter efficiency. When the filter catches 98% of particles of the given size (in microns) it meets accepted industry standards. Many advertisements give a filter measurement in microns, but don’t give any information about the efficiency level. Some products advertise a 1 or 2 micron filter, yet the efficiency at that size is only 70%. Most products will filter at the 1 or 2 micron level at a deeply decreased efficiency level. While a 30 micron filter works with larger chips, the fine dust created by sanding machines will be better captured by a 5 micron bag or a 2 micron canister. The Vortex Cone technology improves any dust collector by significantly reducing dust particles from clogging your filter. A canister dust collector with the Vortex Cone gives you the best single stage dust collection system on the market.  

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