JET Cyclone Dust Collectors Takes Vortex to Next Level

Dust Management System

The technology of dust collection has certainly changed over the years. There are really no excuses with such a wide range of options and very low entry level price points for collecting and handling dust. These new Jet Cyclone Dust Collectors are a great example of 3 machines that can handle production level work for a very reasonable price tag. These additions make a nice next step up from the Jet Vortex Cone single stage collectors we’ve been using for years. A tried and true style of design these units add some premium features such as remote control, solid connectors and high quality Jet Tool construction.

Jet Dust Collection

LaVergne, TN – JET® has expanded its popular dust management line with the launch of three new Cyclone Dust Collectors.  The cyclone design, direct mounted filter, remote control and other features bring a higher level of efficiency to the shop.

“After introducing our Vortex Cone™ single stage models four years ago, moving into cyclone technology was a logical transition and line extension,” said Katie Davidson, JET’s Product Manager.

Dust Collection Systems

The direct mounting of the filter on the JET Cyclone Dust Collectors eliminates inefficiencies that result from connecting the filter with bent, corrugated, flex hosing. The filter on the JET Cyclone Dust Collectors is made of pleated material that captures even the smallest particles down to one micron and below.

Each JET Cyclone Dust Collector features a radio frequency remote control that turns on the dust collection system from a distance of up to 50 feet.  Remote timer settings (2 HP and 3 HP models only) allow the system to run for 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours before automatically shutting down. Each unit also has swivel casters for full mobility.

Dust Collection Remote

The large, steel collection drums feature quick-release levers and independent swivel casters to make emptying the unit an easy process. When needed, the filter can be manually cleaned by using the integrated double paddle system.

The following chart provides a brief overview of the JET Cyclone Dust Collector specifications:




Drum Capacity (gal.)

Retail Price


1-1/2HP, 1PH, 115V





2HP, 1PH, 230V





3HP, 1PH, 230V




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