Compact Impact Drivers

Jet Compact Impacts 3/8” & 1/2”, 500 ft lbs Torque

Compact Impact Drivers

Jet just launched 2 new compact impact wrenches which has been a very popular trend with Ingersoll Rand, Chicago Pneumatic, Proto, AirCat and others all with great options. The JET R8 JAT-106 ($159) 3/8” impacts and the JAT-107 ($165) ½” impact have some tough competition but took a little different approach to give them more power which should make them popular with some users.Power vs Size

The new Jet tools do have more power with Max Torque of 500 ft. lbs. for both the 3/8” and ½” compare that with the next closest competitor IR, 3/8” 15QMAX ($139) at 380 ft lbs and the 35MAX ($139) at 450 ft lbs. The JET tools rate better in speed as well 1500 BPM and quietest in noise testing at 87 dB, either model.  So how was Jet able to beat CP and IR for power, speed and noise? Well they had to give up a little of what made this category exciting which is size and weight, not much mind you but the Jet tools are a little larger. Where the IR tools lengths are 4.6” and 4.9” respectively and both weigh 2.4 lbs the Jets come in at 5.3” and 3.2 lbs. It’s not a ton but the draw of these tools is the compact size to fit into tight spots and the Jet tools are a little less compact.

Compact Impact Wrenches

If you have any questions on 3/8” or 1/2” impact wrenches ask the pros at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424, founded in 1983 by an Ingersoll Rand guy to do tool repairs, their team has literally rebuilt tens of thousands of impact guns.

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