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Following their newly designed JET air tools that were released last year, JET now offers the option to power them with their own industrial grade compressors. Assembled in the USA, JET has their sights on maintenance shops, automotive repair, medical, aerospace, marine, and agricultural sites to compete with Ingersol, Snap-On, CP and others. Designed under strict standards and inspection requirements, JET compressors are ASME certified and made for long lasting performance. With a starting price of only $799 and solid performance we have seen with their new Jet air tools these guys could become a serious player in air compressors.

JET shop compressors are available in 60 gallon single stage models and 80 gallon two stage models and are designed with cast iron components as well as several other features such as enclosed motor assembly and belt guard to prevent mechanical damage. The piston-type reciprocating motor is protected by a Low Oil Guard feature that automatically shuts off the compressor when oil levels become low.

The smallest model, the 60 gallon JCP-601 ($799), is powered by a 3.2 HP, 230V single phase motor and has a 10.2 CFM delivery rating @ 90 psi and maxes out at 135 psi. Their high-end 80 gallon model, the JCP-804 ($2499), houses a 7.5 HP, 3 phase motor capable of 25.1 CFM @ 90 psi with a maximum of 175 psi.

Be sure to check out their release press release below for more info.

jet air compressor

La Vergne, TN – JET® Tools has designed and built a new line of industrial grade single- and two-stage 60 and 80 gallon oil-lubricated vertical air compressors. Assembled in the U.S., the new piston-type air compressor line has  ndergone rigorous testing to ensure reliable and dependable performance in the most  demanding shop environments.

The vertical-style compressors feature cast iron pumps, ASME-certified tanks and durable and industrial-rated NEMA motors for dependable, long-lasting service. Each compressor has a built-in safety valve, high pressure switch and a fully enclosed metal belt guard to help ensure safe operation. The compressors have a powder-coated finish and an open feet designed base for unrestricted access to the drain valve.

The JET air compressors are ideal for machine and fabrication shops, automotive service and body shops, fleet maintenance facilities, farm and agricultural settings  and woodworking applications and operations.

Typical applications range from sanding, sand blasting, powder coating, painting with HVLP paint sprayers to wrenching, blow-downs for cleaning, air brushing, cutting, drilling, nailing and more.

Each air compressor’s oil lubricated pump has a low oil guard indicator that monitors oil levels in the crankcase. If the oil level falls too low, the compressor automatically shuts down. The compressor’s finned pump design dissipates heat buildup and extends pump life. A replaceable pump filter helps ensures clean air.

The JET single stage 60 gallon (JCP-601) air delivery rating is 10.2 CFM (cubic feet per minute) @ 90 psi with a 75 percent duty cycle. Its maximum air pressure is 135 psi. The compressor is powered by a 3.2 hp, 230V single-phase, 14.5 amp motor. The 255 lb. air compressor measures 28-1/4”W x 32-1/2”D x 71”H.

The three models in JET’s two-stage, 80 gallon compressor line feature an 80 percent duty cycle and a maximum air pressure rating of 175 psi. These compressors’ have heavy-duty valves and are more efficient in handling higher air pressure levels. The JET JCP-801, compressor has a 5 hp, 230V single-phase, 22 amp motor. Its air delivery rating is 16.5 CFM (cubic feet per minute) @ 90 psi The 458 lb. air compressor measures 25”W x 42”D x 75”H.

The JET 80 gallon JCP-803, compressor is a 7.5 hp, 230V single-phase, 31 amp motor with air delivery 25.1 CFM (cubic feet per minute) @ 90 psi The 540 lb. air compressor’s footprint is 25”W x 42”D x 78”H.

JET’s top-of-the-line 80 gallon compressor, JCP-804, has a 7.5 hp, 230/460V 3-phase power requirement with a 17.9/8.97 amp motor. Its air delivery is 25.1 CFM (cubic feet per minute) @ 90 psi. The 540 lb. compressor measures 25”W x 42”D x 78”H.
The JET single-stage 60 and two-stage 80 gallon compressors are CSA certified. They are covered by a 3 year warranty, as well as JET RED Assurance, the industry’s most dependable service and support guarantee with more than 550 service centers nationwide.

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