It may be 29 POUNDS… but it also punches with 2,500 foot pounds of TORQUE! Power Tool News S4E38

This week’s episode is sponsored by FLEX, Ohio Power Tool, and Bespoke post. Head to and use code BELTSANDBOXES20 to learn more and get 20% off your first box. THIS week, Vince plays with some new Milwaukee tools, Scott shows us 7 tools we’ve forgotten about, and Tim tries out whatever that enormous thing is. This is your Power Tool Week In Review!

VCG Construction | Milwaukee Tools

Sure thing, starting with Vince over at VCG, who was recently here in Columbus at Ohio Power Tool. While at OPT, Vince spent some time with the boys from Milwaukee, who walked him through a bunch of newly updated tools, letting Vince put his hands on them himself to tell us what he thinks. They cover an M18 FUEL Oscillating Multi Tool, their M18 FUEL 7/16” hex impact wrench, The Super Sawzall, and even the MX Carry-On. But if you’re like me, you’ll save this video for a moment this week when you need a pick me up, because only Vince can bring this kind of life to power tools, and it’s sure to pick you up too.

Torque Test Channel | Capri Twin

The mysterious disembodied hands over at the Torque Test Channel, decided it was time to look at one of the biggest talkers in the industry, and see if it had any bite. One of the most interesting things about TTC is its quest to find real results, in a world of heavily exaggerated statements from manufacturers. In this case, a rather tiny  Capri Twin ½” Impact Wrench, claimed to have an absolutely staggering 1,715 foot pounds of nut busting torque, which is… well, stupid. And the Torque testers prove it. And while that story isn’t anything new, they pointed out something far more interesting. Had the marketing folks at Capri been more honest with their advertising, and only claimed 700 foot pounds, that would have put it in the mid-torque class, where it would have enjoyed the number 1 spot on their list. Think how good that would have been for marketing guys! But no, they had to say it had 1,700, which means it’s mediocre real world results left it in the 20th spot on the big boy list. When will they learn? For the full review head over to Torque Test Channel.

Scott Brown Carpentry | 7 Tools for Builders

Our buddy Scott Brown, who took part in our 100k celebration, making both Rob and I blush a bit, is unfortunately still under a level 4 lockdown in New Zealand, as they struggle with a serious Delta Variant outbreak. So to pass the time, Scott found a secluded spot to show us 7 tools that are often overlooked by remodelers, and his list is really good. He’s got some gems in there like a right angle drill bit adapter, a pair of Knipex End Cutters, and his often featured air wedge. And to remind us just how good this guy is at entertaining and educating, he featured a tool that he didn’t have on hand, by drawing it, and it was still more informative and useful than 90 percent of the other top tool lists out there. This man is a national treasure, and New Zealand needs him back on the job. Hopefully, they’ll be able to back down from a level 4 soon, and the guy can get back to work. Until then, help a brother out by watching his videos, and if you can, buy a shirt or two. 

Man Caver Tools | Ryobi Blower

Over on Man Caver Tools, Dave got his hands on more of Ryobi’s new 40V HP series equipment, which for those of you living under a rock, is Ryobi’s attempt to get us to take them seriously. And now that they have a 40V Blower, that claims 730 CFM at a mind-blowing 190 Miles per hour… yeah. They have my attention. Dave does some basic comparison between this new beast and it’s non-HP 525 CFM brother, and then takes it for a test drive in the grass. The one thing he doesn’t do, is aim it directly at the earth, likely because he doesn’t have his pilots licence, and didn’t want to show up on anyone’s radar. Good lord those are stupid numbers. Dave promises that once the leaves start falling in mass, he’ll be sure to test it more thoroughly, hopefully strapping it to a skateboard, which we all know every man will try who buys one.

Tools & Stuff | Makita XGT

Our buddy at Tools and Stuff expanded on his Makita XGT series, by showing us the most intriguing XGT tool yet, a proper vacuum! And just like a lot of other XGT tools, this one aims to punch way above it’s weight, not only boasting big numbers, but proving it with ridiculous tests like this where he uses it to lift a 1.6 lb box, and it does it without a problem. Makita, these weird tools would be fantastic here in the states too. You should really bring the vac over. That thing looks amazing. For the full test head over to Tools & Stuff.

Shop Tool Reviews | Durofix

When we ran across this video from Tim, I had never heard of Durofix before. I actually asked our Production Crew about it, and they hadn’t heard of it either. But after hearing what they were claiming they could do, we were all hooked. That is the Durofix 60V 1” Jumbo Impact Wrench, which claims an absolute bonkers 2,500 foot pounds of torque. It can run off of a single 60V battery, or utilizing it’s saddlebag battery layout, it can double it’s runtime by using two of those chunky boys. That thing is almost comical in both power and girth, and there’s nothing I don’t like about it. Tim seems pretty happy with it too. It pretty much maxed out his testing equipment. For a closer look head over to shop tool reviews.

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