Is this the ESSENTIAL Circular Saw? We find out, plus your power tool news! Week In Review S3E20

Coming up next, Clint shares his top 10 cheap tools, Tim teaches us to use a torque wrench properly, and we all learn which government agency we shouldn’t lie to. This is your Power tool week in review. It’s May 15th, 2020, and today we’re going to do the power tool news, and share some tool videos you won’t want to miss. Let’s get to it…

Our first stop is in New Zealand, where Mr. Brown gets his hands on his very first Hilti tool, and promptly hits a pipe. Scott doesn’t use Hilti on the residential job site, as he points out Hilti’s more common playground is the commercial job site. But he needed to do some “commercial grade” chiseling, so he asked Hilti if he could try one out. That’s a TE 800 AVR, an enormous demolition hammer, from the people who know demolition. And Scott, he seemed to enjoy it. To see if Hilti has a place in your own tool truck, you can catch the video at Scott Brown Carpentry on YouTube. 

Let’s head over to the most essential of craftsman, for a detailed lesson on the Saw that built america. Of course we’re talking about the Skilsaw worm drive. 2 years ago Scott upgraded to the latest version of the Mag 77, and posted a review of the saw. In that review he identified 3 features that he thought would be a problem. Well it’s now 2 years later, and he’s back to give the saw a proper update, and reveals that all 3 concerns, turned out to be benefits. Scott thinks he picked up his first Skilsaw in 1976, and that’s where it all began. After giving us a thorough review, Scott teases us by revealing his brand new Cordless Worm Drive… but we’ll have to wait for the review on that one. To learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the saw that built america, head over to the essential craftsman on YouTube.

Have you ever wondered exactly how a torque wrench works? Have you been yelled at by Tim yet this week? We can fix both those problems with one video. Mr Johnson shared a fantastic video with us this week, where he teaches us everything we could possibly ask about a torque wrench, including it’s history, and the actual mechanics of the tool. In other words, what makes them tick… or click in this example. Tim actually breaks the tool apart to give us a detailed inside look, and it’s pretty fascinating.  As it turns out, knowing how tools work, can go a long way to helping you choose the right tool when you go shopping. So before you buy your next torque wrench, be sure to head over to Shop Tool Reviews on Youtube.

We love a good listicle around here, and this week, we head back into the tool review zone for Clint’s top 10 inexpensive tools he can’t live without.  From tape measures to drill bits, Clint does a great job highlighting the tools you’re likely to use the most, whether you’re on the Job site, or tinkering in the garage. There are a few items that surprised me including a glue gun, which I’ve never used before, and his number 1 pick is a Ridgid mini portable radio, you can watch Clint’s video at the Tool Review Zone on YouTube.

First up, Autodesk is looking for construction innovators for their annual AEC Excellence Awards. 4 different categories are available this year, including Small, Medium and large sized projects, and an individual innovator of the year award, which is intended to honor a “pioneering individual who is using emerging technology and processes that are new to the AEC industry for improved efficiency and productivity that results in smarter cities, and smarter, more responsive buildings and infrastructure.” The only problem with winning is getting that new title on your business card. The winners will get a trip for two to las vegas for the 2020 Autodesk University, where they will be recognized. If you or your company are interested in entering the competition, submission can be made until June 10 on the AEC Excellence Awards website. 

And before we go, the Construction Junkie has an important Public Service Announcement … Don’t lie to OSHA. Good one! In New Jersey, the owner of a residential home construction company plead guilty to lying under oath during an investigation and was sentenced to two years of probation and a $5,500 fine. They caught him by reviewing his texts to his employees. People, we’re talking about safety of your employees. And apparently years of probation and fines. So do yourself a favor, and don’t lie to OSHA. Also, don’t put your employees in danger. That’s my own tip. For the rest of your construction industry news head over to

On over to Instagram, Paul the Toolpig has a Makita Circular saw giveaway that ends TONIGHT at midnight! He’s giving away both a left and right-sided saw, so at least one of you will be happy.

Ethan from the build with Ethan asks us “Do you even cleat bro?” Do I even cleat… do I? Oh yeah… So yeah, I do bruh.

Travis over at tools by design showed off an entirely new way to build a porch….. I have clearly been doing this wrong my whole life.

And last of all, Man Made in Massachusetts, took a moment to focus on PPE this week, reminding us that our senses are important in the trades, so you should take care of all of them. 

Ohio Power Tool just launched a new clearance section, with a ton of limited deals. Like this LS1018 MAKITA 10″ DUAL SLIDE COMPOUND MITER SAW that’s $100 less than most sites, and $20 less than the lowest we could find. Get it fast! Ohio Power Tool OverStock / Clearance

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