Irwin Tools Univeral Handsaw with 15” & 20” Blades


At the recent STAFDA trade show we had a chance to test out the new Irwin Universal Handsaws. We all have/use traditional handsaws and our guess is yours might be older, dull, possibly rusty, etc. If that is the case you should definitely consider one of the new Irwin Handsaws as a good option. There are 2 standard sizes 15” 1773456 ($20, Amazon) and the 20” 1773466 ($23, Amazon) which are very competitive with other popular saws that are using 100+ year old designs.

In actual use the Irwin saw with the new lower handle design did seem to cut much faster (not 3x faster, at least not when I used it) and smoother but what really got us excited more than anything was the 90° & 45° speed square markets on the top of the blade. This would be very practical and not a gimmicky thing which would never get used. Check out the two videos below for more details.


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