INSIDE LOOK: Milwaukee M18 3-in-1 Cordless Backpack Vacuum 0885-20

Milwaukee’s M18 3-in-1 Backpack Vacuum gives tradesmen a cordless vac that can be worn, hung, or carried around the jobsite. With only 76 decibels of noise, it’s also one of the quietest vacuums on the market. But don’t mistake the lack of noise for a lack of power. This vac boasts up to 2 times the suction power of competing models and is OSHA compliant for silica dust collection. Complete with a HEPA filter and heavy-duty attachments, this shop vac is ready for the toughest of job sites.

To test it out, we asked Eric from Mechanical Hub to spend some time with it on the job, before taking it apart with Kris, our tool technician at Ohio Power Tool. This is your Inside Look at the Milwaukee M18 3-in-1 Backpack Vacuum, model 0885-20. 

Although he doesn’t have a need to put the Vacuum on his back, he carries it by the handle; Eric from Mechancial Hub was overall positive in his review of the Milwaukee Backpack Vacuum. He reviews the attachment, the HEPA filter, Vacuum Hose and demonstrates it’s ease of use for extending the attachment. If you need a solution to quickly clean up small debris such has saw dust or sand, Eric recommends the M18 Backpack Vaccuum.

After getting jobsite feedback from Eric at Mechanical Hub, Kris at Ohio Power Tool took it apart to examine its design and features.

We opened up the bottom plate to get a good look at the battery assembly and wiring. Right away you can tell it’s got the same heavy duty assembly as the rest of the M18 lineup. Next, we followed the wiring up to the top to check out the massive motor, which makes up the majority of its hefty 15.5 pounds. At every connection, we were impressed with the quality of the rubber seals, which give this Milwaukee its tight enclosure for maximum suction. Overall, the vac is heavy duty, and it’s got the same high-quality construction we’ve grown to expect from Milwaukee.

Thanks again to Eric at Mechanical Hub, and Kris at Ohio Power Tool, and also a big thank you to Milwaukee for sending us one to test – speaking of Ohio Power Tool, that’s where you can get one of these vacs for yourself, as well as a ton of other great Milwaukee tools and equipment, at

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