Ingersoll Rand Twin Tank Air Compressors: P1IU-A9 vs DD2T2

The Ingersoll Rand DD2T2 has been a very popular twin tank portable air compressor for years. It was recently upgraded/replaced by the P1IU-A9 ($312 w/Free Shipping, Ohio Power Tool) which produces about equal numbers to the previous model, 4.3cfm, for the same price. The design of the new unit is a little more user friendly with controls and two connections (previous model only had 1) on the front of the unit. The air filter is also more efficient and easier to service, right on the front of the unit. The overall dimensions changed slightly from 21”x17”x15” to 18.5”x18.5”x17” which isn’t a big deal unless you plan to install the unit in an existing enclosure.

The twin tank portable air compressor design is ideal for framing and finishing nail guns which is ironic because Ingersoll Rand doesn’t make any of those kinds of tools. They do make some of the best automotive air tools in the market such as impacts, ratchets, air drills, grinders, etc; however this unit is underpowered for most of those types of tools. If you are looking for a well built home/garage air compressor that is somewhat portable but still runs of standard 110-120v you might checkout the Ingersoll rand Garage Mate P1.5IU-A9 ($645 w/Free Shipping, Ohio Power Tool).

The Garage Mate has a similar 2HP motor that puts out a little more juice at 5.2 cfm. It also has a 20 gallon air tank which helps to handle the overage for more air hungry tools. Typically smaller impacts, drills, ratchets and cutting tools might have an average usage of 3-6 cfm because of intermittent nature of use and maybe a max consumption of 15-20 cfm. Grinding tools & sanding tools on the other hand may require more cfm because they can be used constantly for several minutes without rest. For professional automotive use this model would also probably be underpowered and you would need to look at a larger 220v unit. A good number to keep in mind in addition to cfm produced by the pump is 7.48 gallons/Cu. Ft. which is the amount of usage you can get from your air reserves in the tank, so even a 20 gallon tank really isn’t buying you a ton of cfm.

If you have any questions about Ingersoll Rand air compressors, pneumatic tool consumption rates, hoses, fittings, dryers, filters or anything else related to IR air tools give the guys at Ohio Power Tool a ring at 800-242-4424 or email [email protected] for assistance.    


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