Ingersoll Rand to Add 50% Impact Torque with PowerSockets

IR PowerSocket

This is a very interesting new socket concept from Ingersoll Rand which we can’t honestly say we fully understand how it generates so much additional torque, then again we didn’t do so hot in physics class. For launch the IR PowerSocket is only going to be available in 19mm size for crank shafts, lug nut removal and other applications. With this socket a standard 1/2″ impact can perform pretty close to a 3/4″ impact more than justifying the $66 price point of the S64M19L-PS. We would imagine if this is a success we will see various other size PowerSockets to follow.

It can also be used in forward to generate more torque as well but because it is a little unpredictable in just how much additional torque it will create (depending on the tool it’s used with) you definitely want to be pretty cautious so not to over-torque in your application. For more information on all Ingersoll Rand Impact Sockets and for more on the PowerSocket see Ingersoll Rand’s info below.

PowerSocket Impact Wrenches

Ingersoll Rand: As an industry leader for more than 100 years, Ingersoll Rand has a strong understanding of the jobs power tools are called on to perform. Specifically designed for vehicle services, industrial maintenance and manufacturing applications, our engineers know that your tools need to “Do the Job, Do it Fast, Do it Every Time.” Ingersoll Rand is proud to introduce the new 19mm PowerSocket™.

The Ingersoll Rand PowerSocket™ is a revolutionary solution to bust through the most stubborn bolts.  The patent-pending power ring design provides up to 50% more reverse torque to get REAL WORK done.   The PowerSocket™ eliminates the need for a larger tool, providing time-saving power and versatility to increase your productivity.

Performance (power):  The patent-pending design creates increased reverse torque up to 50% on ½” impact wrenches to tackle the toughest jobs.

Productivity (time saving):  Eliminating downtime and the need for complicated bolt removal techniques allows you to get more work done in less time.

Versatility (convenience):  The PowerSocket™ fits on any ½” impact wrench reducing the need for additional tools to do your job.

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