Ingersoll Rand IQv20 Cordless Hammerhead W5330 3/8” & W5350 1/2” Impacts

Ingersoll Rand W5350

For years there has been a struggle to get the torque of an impact wrench together with the functionality and reach of a ratchet. A few years ago Ingersoll Rand was able to marry the two together nicely with the IR Hammerhead Impacts. At 180 ft lbs these units produce a significantly more torque than other 3/8” or 1/2″ confined space tools, several times a traditional ratchet. Ingersoll Rand will be launching new IQv20 Cordless right angle impact tools in Mid-May (pre-sale starting May 1 HERE) although it does not look like the cordless tools will share the Hammerhead trade name. The W5330 3/8” & W5350 1/2″ tools do look almost identical (from the knees up) and will have the same 180 ft. lbs. torque rating as the pneumatic Hammerhead tools currently.

IR W5330

We are very much looking forward to getting more info on these tools and testing them out first hand. For more information on the Ingersoll Rand IQv20 Cordless Tools give the pros at Ohio Power Tool a call 800-242-4424.

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