Ingersoll Rand IQv 20V Brushless Impacts W5132 & W5152

Ingersoll W5132

For the folks at IR the focus for their IQv cordless tools is clearly very much automotive. It’s no secret cordless tools are cannibalizing much of the pneumatic tool business so to stay competitive traditional air tool brands are going to need to figure out how to compete with products designed for the trade. We like what Ingersoll Rand has done with these new brushless impact tools, 3/8” W5132 & 1/2″ W5152 which will replace the W5130 & W5150 respectively.

These second generation IQv impact tools are superior to their first in several ways, first by going from brushed to brushless the max reverse torque jumps from 190 ft-lbs to 365 ft-lbs. Nut busting torque also jumps to 550 ft-lbs. Naturally the brushless motor will mean addition runtime per charge and longer life for the tool overall. Hopefully we should see these on shelves in July.

IQv brushless impact

The 360 degree LED puts out a very impressive 60 lumens (first time we’ve ever seen a lumen rating of a tool light) and can actually be used as a task light for up to 10 minutes if needed. While more light is always welcome for any user this was one of the biggest complaint for mechanics who are constantly working in tight spaces.

IR Cordless Impacts

The typical power tool settings are pretty ambiguous and until you have some time to play with the tool it’s hard to guess what 1, 2, 3 or 4 really mean. The new IR 4 setting controls are designed for mechanics and universally understandable. They use common applications and built them into the tool for intuitive understanding. Hand-Tight: 0-800 RPM 2-9 ft-lbs forward with shutoff (ideal for rockler rails, transmission pans, valve covers), Wrench-Tight: 0-1600 RPM 10-24 ft-lbs forward with shutoff (ideal for brake calipers, bumper covers, suspension bolts, motor mounts), Mid-Power: 0-2100 RPM 240 ft-lbs forward, Max-Power: 0-2100 340 ft-lbs forward. Of course all settings have 365 ft-lbs reverse.

Ingersoll Rand W5132 vs Milwaukee M18 FUEL 2754-22           

While Snap-on, Mac and other automotive brands are still competitors in the cordless arena Ingersoll Rand faces much stiffer competition from those already established with huge cordless platforms like Milwaukee M18. While this means Milwaukee might have hundreds of cordless tools they are also trying to serve a wide range of different markets not just focused in on mechanics. So how do the W5132-K22 ($399) compare to the 2754-22 ($329)? The new W5132 is way more powerful with, Milwaukee had rated among to the most powerful on market at 220 ft-lbs, the new IR impacts just crushed it with 365 ft-lbs. The 360 light gives the IR win in lighting for sure. Both have 4 speed settings but we have to go with IR’s new intuitive controls here as well. Milwaukee does win in a few key areas, lighter (IR 5.1lbs ML 3.3lbs), shorter (IR 6.5” ML 5.9”) and price, Milwaukee with 2x 5.0ah is a fair amount cheaper, with compact batteries 2754-22CT ($259) even more so.

Ingersoll Rand W5152

Kit Options:
Impact Wrench 3/8″ square
W5132 (bare tool) $224
W5132-K12 (kit with 1 5.0Ah BL2022, charger, TB4 bag) $369
W5132-K22 (kit with 1 5.0Ah BL2022, 2.5Ah BL2012, charger, TB4 bag) $399

Impact Wrench 1/2″ square
W5152 (bare tool) $224
W5152-K12 (kit with 1 5.0Ah BL2022, charger, TB4 bag) $369
W5152-K22 (kit with 1 5.0Ah BL2022, 2.5Ah BL2012, charger, TB4 bag) $399

Overall we really like the look of the new Ingersoll Rand IQv Impacts. We can’t wait to see what is in store for the W7150 high torque impact with that finally goes brushless and gets some of these other other new features! It competes now with the best brushless impacts test hopefully this is a sign for what’s to come!

It looks like our Friends at Tools in Action were able to get their hands on one of these before anyone else, check out their first look above!

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