ICS New Utility & Metal Cutting PowerGrit Chain for Concrete Chain Saws

ICS PowerGrit

For a long time ICS Bestway has been the leader when it comes to concrete cutting chains saws. These saws use diamond segmented chains to cut strait through concrete like a hot knife through butter and can do so on up to 25” thick. There really is not better way to make these types of cuts however the diamond chains are pretty pricey even when compared to conventional diamond circular saw blades.  This is probably why you don’t see them used more often however the good news for this technology is that manufactured diamond are getting cheaper each day and with ICS’s new PowerGrit diamond chains it really opens up a whole new market for these concrete chain saws. Instead of embedding the diamonds in the segment the PowerGrit segments braze the diamonds to the outside. We’ve seen this with the other Metal Cutting Diamond Blade that fit onto grinders or chop saws. This means these chain saws can now cut ductile pipe, cast iron, pvc, concrete and just about anything.

With this new technology the process of cutting pipe becomes dramatically safer for utility pipe work in confined spaces. Now you have a single access point, less excavating, no kickback, no flying debris, no dust and no concern about the blade dulling/damaging on dirt and mud. The new blades work on the ICS gas powered 695F4 units or the ICS hydraulic powered 880F4 as well as the CS Unitec AirForce F4 pneumatic powered saws.

ICS PowerGrit Utility

Ohio Power Tool stocks a full range of the ICS chain saws as well as replacement bars and diamond chains. If you have any question on ICS products, concrete cutting or any other application specific jobs give the pros a call at 800-242-4424.


Safety – Safely cut down through pipe – or plunge when necessary. No kick back as associated with traditional wood chain saws. No need to adjust manufacturer guards in order to perform upcutting.
Excavation – Excavate to expose pipe and safe cutting window only. Requires only one side cutting access.
Hand Digging – Relatively little hand digging required to provide a safe, clear cutting window.
Cutting Ergonomics – Cut through pipe from one side, no need to move to other side or cut from below.
Machine Performance – Able to make cut through a pipe full of water. Further, direct chain drive assure machine will perform, even when wet.

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