ICS Concrete Chain Saw Update FORCE4 Cross-LINK Diamond Chain

The next generation of concrete cutting chains are here. ICS didn’t stop at revolutionizing concrete chain saws—here comes the revolution of diamond chains. 25+ years of development and honing their craft, by the people who invented the technology, ICS Diamond Tools and Equipment have outdone themselves with their FORCE4 Cross-LINK Series coming June 7th in limited quantities, so make sure you get yours—Pre-order Here

Major improvements to chain stability and efficiency in the cut result in the highest level of productivity and reduction of operator fatigue. This means faster cuts, smoother handling, less time tensioning, and longer life which all add up to more money in the pocket of the operator.

The diamond segment laser welded to the drive link gives you the strength and durability you depend on. The full-house configuration allows for optimized diamond segments, improving cutting speed, and increasing diamond life. The chain stretch and guidebar wear are reduced by four separate, adjacent tie straps while cutting. These drive links, tie straps, and segments all work in conjunction to prevent reverse articulation and increase stability in the cut which provides a smoother cutting experience with less operator effort.

Whether your cutter is powered by gas, hydraulic, or pneumatic ICS has the chain to project your cutting into the postmodern world.

Check out the entire ICS chainsaw line from Ohio Power Tool, and pre-order your FORCE4 Cross-LINK diamond cutting chain while you still can.



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