Husky 60″ Workbench with Sliding Pegboard $699

Husky 60" Workbench

We needed some additional storage for the shop and our friends at Husky stepped up with this 60″ workbench which features 10 drawers (1 full length), as well as a very handy slide up pegboard backer with shelf HOTC6010BB2M ($699, Home Depot). We really like the versatility with how easy the pegboard backer can slide out of the way for full 360 access as a work table. While $700 isn’t chump change, other tool chests and storage options can cost significantly more, it really seems like a pretty good value for the money.

Construction on this unit is very sturdy, we conducted a highly scientific test of jumping up and down on the work top and felt like we were jumping on the floor. The unit weights just shy of 500 lbs (so get a few friends to help unload it) and the weight limit is 2200 lbs so shy of lowering a truck on it you are not likely to overload it. Like the built-in power power strip with usb on side. Love the matte black finish!!! Only real complaint, would have liked to see deeper bottom drawers.

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