How to Cut Floor Tile with Rotozip Tools

I recently saw a demo of the new Rotozip Tile-Dock and CR18L Cordless Rotozip, which uses the Bosch 18v Litheon batteries. There were several things I though were interesting about the demo starting with the Tile-Dock TD1-10. I’ve never seen anything like it, although I’m not a professional floor guy, but the few tiling projects I’ve done this would have been big help. Lightweight easy to carry, stores all the accessories and has a dust collection hook-up which is becoming more and more a priority these days with new laws and regulations. Obviously the Tile Dock could be used with any tool cutting tile such as a diamond grit hole saw or diamond sawzall blade.


The Rotozip CR18L had some nice features as well. I love that it uses the Bosch 18v Lithium batteries because the last thing anyone wants is another battery system, this way you’ll always have extra batteries ready. Also the fact that the diamond X-bits don’t need to be cooled with water is very convenient with a lot less setup / cleanup. This is not the tool for making the full tile strait cuts but almost every job is going to require several curved cuts, notch outs and/or holes made. This is a great solution.


If you have any questions about any of the Rotozip tools or accessories you can contact Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424 or email [email protected]. Special thanks to Dave for doing the demo a second time so I could capture it for the YouTube Video below. Please give it a good rating so he’ll feel good about himself and come back to do more videos we can all enjoy.



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