How many TOOLS fit in the BIGGEST Milwaukee PACKOUT ever? Plus your Power Tool News! S4E25

THIS week Milwaukee’s $1000 impact is pushed to its limits, New Zealand gets to play with Makita Tools that stole Bosch’s Technology, and Rob went to the Emergency Room. And no, not because I hit him. THIS is your Power Tool Week In Review!

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Hey guys, welcome back, as you can see I am by myself today. As it turns out, when  we started production this week Rob actually had an emergency and ended up in the hospital. He is doing okay and should be back in a couple days, but until then you are stuck with me! Thank you in advance for your support and patience this week. 

Even though Rob is out today we still have several tool stories for you starting off with Tim Johnson who dives into the question  “Are Air Tools Dead?” The quick answer is Nope! Even though manufacturers are on an energetic mission to make all things battery powered there is still a place in the shop for air tools, and that place is on a new Tool Wrangler! To figure out what this clever new tool is and why you should add one to your shop head over to Shop Tool Reviews. 

Man Caver Tools | Flex Turbo vs Kobalt 

Man Caver Tools puts the FLEX Turbo FX-1271T up against the Kobalt XHHD124b-03 to figure out how close the battle really is between these brand siblings. He runs the Hammer Drill brothers through his normal tests drilling into a 4×4, driving lag bolts into a giant stump and drilling into concrete to find out exactly which one has to eat a handful of dirt. You won’t want to miss it. 

Sparky Channel | Milwaukee XL Packout 

Our favorite electrician got his hands on Milwaukee’s XL tool box and tested out how XL it really is…“How many of these tools do you think will fit in here?” Depends on how much tetris he’s played. 

Project Farm | Best Pressure Washer

Todd did what Todd does best this week and gathered every tool he could find in one category to run them through the most scientific testing you will find on YouTube. This time he covered pressure washers from Ryobi, Karcher, Stanley, Sun Joe, WEN, CAT & Worx and was on a mission to find out if you are just buying into a name brand or if the product is really worth the money. In unrelated news, that is the cleanest that car will ever be in it’s life. 

Tools & Stuff | 18v Makita X-LOCK Grinder 

Tools and Stuff continues showing love for all things Makita, this time he has the Makita DGA-519 X-LOCK Grinder. That’s right, X-LOCK is now available for Makita users, but that is only half this review. Not only does he go over every detail of the new 18V grinder, but he also throws it in the ring up against its much larger 40V brother just for fun! 

Torque Test Channel | Powerful $1000 1” Milwaukee Impact Wrench

The guys from Torque Test Channel figure out if the $1000 price tag for Milwaukee’s 1” Impact Wrench is really worth it, and how much power 1k will actually get you. Though most of you will probably never have a need for this boi, it’s still fun to watch how it performs and compares to some of his competitors.

Last week Milwaukee and FLEX continued a battle that won’t end,  which you can watch right here. We want to thank EGO and Ohio Power Tool for sponsoring this episode. Guys, we couldn’t do it without you. If you liked our show give it a thumbs up, and if you loved it, we hope you subscribe. Have a restful and safe weekend, and we’ll see you next week.

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