How BIG can a Cordless Circular Saw get? Makita: “THIS BIG” – Plus your Power Tool News! S3E28

Coming up next, Makita launches the worlds largest cordless saw, and DeWALT somehow makes your life 10 times easier! This is your Power tool week in review.

There’s no need to tell us where you were last night, because you were all obviously at home watching the Milwaukee ONE-KEY Showcase I published yesterday. But in my video, I only covered the basics. Thankfully Mike is here with a more detailed look. Even in Australia, they need to Customize, Track and Manage their tools, so Mike from Oz Tool Talk walks us through the MANY settings available in the latest 3rd Gen Milwaukee Impact with ONE-KEY. In addition to the step by step, he also showed the many variables at work, reinforcing the true potential of a tool you can customize so specifically to the job at hand. And to make it easy for us Americans, he was kind enough to hold his phone right side up. Crazy Aussies. Now MY ONE-KEY video also includes a Milwaukee Sawzall giveaway, but if that wasn’t enough, *not likely*, you can head over to OZ Tool Talk on YouTube.

 Let’s move on to brighter news, specifically the boys at Tool Box Buzz have been playing with the Makita light that will wobble, but won’t fall down. This is the Makita DML 810 LED Area Work Light, and just like the wobble light we’ve featured before, this one can be dropped, kicked, and tossed across the job site, and it will always stand back up on it’s own. With 5,500 lumens broadcast in 360 degrees of illumination, whatever you’re missing on the jobsite, won’t be missing for long. Besides it’s abundance of light, Rob also goes on about the IP54 rating and general toughness that should make this light a welcome addition to their job site for a long time to come. For more details, visit ToolBoxBuzz on YouTube.

Now Vince from VCG is not one to embellish the details of a tool or it’s significance to your well being, but today he shared his top 3 DeWALT Accessories that will make your life 1000% easier. That’s 10 times easier than it is now, and I’ll be honest, my life is pretty easy already. Vince’s DeWALT listicle covers his long time favorite, the DeWALT magnetic sleeve, but he also touches on a couple unique entries including a cool right angle drill attachment and shear attachment. They also include a couple honorable mentions, so if you use a drill, like ever, it’s probably worth heading over to VCG Construction on youtube.

It’s Toolsday! Well it was, and Kyle from RR Building showed up with the biggest cordless circular saw to date. This is the new Makita 36 volt 9 and ¼” track saw. Not a 7 and a quarter, that’s 9 and a quarter, and that indeed makes it the largest cordless circ saw, at least until the new SkillSaw Cordless Sawsquach comes out. Of course that one won’t be a track saw, which already gives this Makita a leg up according to Kyle. The Makita has a 3 and 3/8ths cutting depth, meaning they can cut through 4 sheets of ¾” plywood in one cut, which Kyle says is their favorite use for this beast. In the end, he loves the saw but seems to be left wanting just one thing. For the full review, head on over to RR Buildings on YouTube. 

It’s time again for our construction industry news, courtesy of the Construction Junkie. While construction sites across the country are back to work, the threat of Covid-19 is still very real, making social distancing, masks, and gloves a critical tool towards keeping your crew healthy. This week, a company that uses an artificial intelligence named “Vinnie” to analyze Jobsite photos to find safety violations, released a result of their first regional report for COVID-19 safety compliance. By analyzing the photos submitted by 36,000 workers, they generated a national report card for the implementation of social distancing, masks, and gloves on the jobsite. As you can see from this graphic, masks and glove compliance has been outstanding, while social distancing could use a little work. It’s worth noting that construction work is rarely a one man job, so keeping 6 feet away from your co-workers is no doubt a challenge.

The Construction Junkie’s 6th Annual Best Construction Podcast Competition has officially come to an end, the votes have been tallied and a few records were broken along the way. This year’s winner is Bridging the Gap, a podcast with the mission to empower those in the construction industry to better embrace technology. And apparently it’s done a good job, as it received a higher number of votes than any other podcast in the 100 year history of this competition. I know, that doesn’t make sense. Podcast haven’t been around for 100 years. But Shane is WAY ahead of his time. For the full list of winners, and links to all those podcasts you won’t want to miss, head over to

Colt from Just_Build_it_ found himself missing Milwaukee’s NPS, and reminding us of what it was like to be surprised last year by the sudden announcement of the MX platform, and getting to hold that 14” cutoff saw!

Travis from Tools by design asks us, How much help can 19 CFM be? He’s wearing the Dewalt 20v Max Compact Dust Extractor on his belt, and as it turns out, 19 CFM can make a big difference!

And last of all, Stef, the Melbourne Chippy Chick herself is a rockstar of a contractor. She’s a talented woodworker, who like me, likes to have fun while she works. This week she’s ball’n like Kobe. 

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