Hougen Mag Drills Get a Full Line Redesign

HMD904 new vs old

Announced at the FabTech Trade Show recently Hougen Mag Drills are getting a full line upgrade. As the inventors of the portable magnetic drill press Hougen is dedicated to continue their tradition of high quality, built in the USA and innovation in the field. These new models feature some very smart upgrades which will take an already tough as nails design to the next level.

Hougen Drills

New Two Stage Magnet – At first glance looks to be promoted as a 30% stronger magnet however that is not the real story here as both have 1750 lbs dead lift force. The Hougen magnetic bases have never had any problems with not being strong enough. When energized, fully operational and attached to a minimal amount of steel these magnets simply are not got to break away. What the Two Stage magnet on the new versions is promoting is that the magnet will energize at 70% when you flip the magnet switch, then go to 100% when the motor switch is flipped and it starts spinning. What this will do is save the magnet from overheating in situations where it may site energized for extended periods but the motor isn’t running. This should extend the life of the magnet or course whenever possible it is always best to simply turn off the magnet.

New LED lights – We have yet to find a tool where they’ve added LED lights and we didn’t think it was a great idea. Even in a well lit shop there are many situations it may be hard to locate a small mark on steel. Adding an LED light to these tools is very smart and once people get used to having it there it would be pretty difficult to go back to drilling in the dark.

New Inline Motors & Coolant  – These new motors are going to continue to be built in the USA and while offer improved power we think Hougen went pretty conservative on the cutting diameter specs as many of the new models remain the same. In addition to the new motors all the new models, with exception of the new HMD904 ($845), they get a new inline oil tank as well. This sleek all-in-one  designs makes it easier to get into tight space as well as protects the coolant bottle from getting damaged in transportation. The downside is the newer models get slightly taller so make sure to double check your working height.

Hougen HMD905

New HMD905 Units – Many of the new mag drills are a direct replacement for existing units. While the HMD904 keeps the same part number, the HMD914 becomes HMD917 ($1355), HMD925 autofeed becomes HMD927 ($1273) and finally the big boy HMD915 becomes the HMD933 ($3140). The only totally new mag drill to the lineup is the 2 speed HMD905 ($1185) which is pretty much a HMD904 on steroids offering a 2 speed motor (250 rpm & 450 rpm), inline oil tank and a slightly higher capacity.

Hot Deal on Remaining HMD904 Kits – Certainly there is nothing wrong with the existing HMD904 which has been the most popular mag drills for many years. Ohio Power Tool is offering a onetime shot to really save some money on these units with a 15% off coupon CLASSIC904 for the HMD904K Classic ($1147 discounted to $974) and swivel HMD904SK Classic ($1230 discounted to $1045). These 2 Kits include the 1/2” chuck with shank adaptor and 2” cutter set 12002 ($224). Once these deals are gone they will be gone for good however since the motor is shared with the compact HMD150 ($799).

Mag Drill Compare

When it comes to portable magnetic drill presses the guys at Ohio Power Tool really know their stuff, whether you need a small one, big one, variable speed, for tapping, cordless, automatic or whatever they have the solution for you. Additionally they stock all the accessories and even have various options for rental mag drills, give the pros a call 800-242-4424 with whatever questions.

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