Hougen HMD905 Mag Drill with Free Fabricator Kit

Hougen Mag Drills

Recently Hougen overhauled their line of magnetic drills with updates to most of their models and the addition of the new HMD905 ($1185). We thought this new mag drill had the potential to becoming their most popular drill as it is about the same size/weight as the HMD904 and while it doesn’t add a ton of capacity it does add 2 speed for more precision in drilling. It also features a very slick built in coolant tank which is normally a $100 add-on to the HMD904 ($845) however the bottle currently comes FREE from Ohio Power Tool.

The price difference however seems too big of a hurdle for some to get past and with all the updates to the HMD904 folks are pretty happy. This promo may tip the scales in favor of the HMD905 with a mail-in offer for a FREE fabricators kit which includes: 5 cutter kit 12002 ($224), adapter 08186 ($46) and 1/2” drill chuck 10731 ($87). Of course this is a limited time offer which expire at the end of April. Changing chucks on the Hougen HMD904 & HMD905 (pretty much the same) is very easy, check out the video below.

For the full details check out the Hougen Mail-In Rebate Form. For any questions on Mag Drills or Annular Cutters give the pros a call 800-242-4424.

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