Hilti is SENDING IN THE ROBOTS! Plus the TBB Crew finds the BEST Cordless Miter Saw! Tool NEWS S3E44

Mark gets his hands on the all new Milwaukee Lasers and the Tool Box Buzz crew takes on cordless miter saws. This is your Power tool week in review.

Tool Box Buzz – Miter Saw Head 2 Head

The boys at Tool Box Buzz got back together again, and you know what that means. A whole bunch of miter saws are about to get abused to within an inch of their lives, for our education, and entertainment. That’s right it’s Head 2 Head time again at TBB and this time they’re taking a look at Cordless Mitersaws. They’re going to break it up into 3 different videos, starting with 10” sliding miter saws, and later with 12” and compact saws. In this first Head 2 Head, they test the Makita XSL06PT, the Milwaukee 2734 and the Metabo HPT C3610DRAQA. Sexy names for sure. Each one is cordless, sliding compound miter saws with 10” blades. As you’d expect the guys go way overboard digging into precision, performance, run time, ergonomics, sound, price and more. If you have any interest in choosing a new Miter saw, or like us you just like watching Rob lose his mind over tool charts, head on over to ToolBoxBuzz on Youtube.

Mark Thomas Builder – Milwaukee Lasers

Mark Thomas has got the rest of us green with envy this week, as he’s one of the first to get his hands on the full line of new Milwaukee Lasers. Mark takes a detailed look at both of the M12s and all 3 of the RedLithium USB green lasers, including a 3 point, cross-line, cross-line with plumb points and the 3 plane laser as well. Each one includes ultra bright green lasers, micro adjustments, several options for mounting it, and a super durable form factor, and they all come with these super nice custom cases to keep them safe. This is Milwaukee’s first leap into the laser pool, and after watching Marks review it’s obvious they dove right into the deep end! You can see for yourself at Mark Thomas Builder on YouTube.

Project Farm – Chainsaw Head 2 Head

Todd over at Project Farm shared another tool comparo this week, this time taking on battery powered chainsaws. He gathered 5 different lithium battery powered examples from Milwaukee, DeWALT, Makita, Ryobi and Worx. Yeah, we’re wondering where EGO is too. Now as is his format, Todd wouldn’t take any freebies from manufacturers to remain unbiased, and instead chose to purchase all 5 of these chainsaws, and then put them up against his Stihl MS 170 gas saw, to see if any of them could keep up. He measures how loud they are, their no load rpm, and weight. Then put them to work cutting through 9 4x4s, and even made a full batch of cookies. Todd’s reviews are always packed with a ton of information in a quick paced format we love. To find out which saw is the best, besides EGO of course, head on over to Project Farm on YouTube.

Oz Tool Talk – Bosch Laser

 IT’s been a while since we’ve checked in with our buddies down under, and this week the boys took a detailed look at the new Bosch 18V Rotary Laser GRL 600 CHV. This is not the kind of rotary laser you use to hang a picture. This is a serious piece of kit for the jobsite, and as the guys put it, it’s no joke. It’s dual grade, and can automatically level itself up to 8 and a half degrees in two directions, and comes complete with the LR60 receiver. It’s not only hyper accurate, but it’s built to stand up to anything the jobsite might throw at it, or even survive a shower with an aussie. I love these two. So it’s weather, and Dwayne proof. After going over all of it’s features, they take it onto the jobsite and walk you through its many uses, making a pretty good case for this $2700 laser. Mind you, that’s in Australian didgeridoos. No clue what that is in US Dollars. For the full review, head over to Oz Tool Talk on YouTube. 

Construction Junkie – Construction Industry News

It’s time again for your Construction Industry News, courtesy of the Construction Junkie.

First up, Hilti held an online press conference this week to announce a new tool called the Hilti JAIBOT, which turned out to be a semi-autonomous robot that drills holes into concrete ceilings using a Hilti drill. I’m assuming it’s because it couldn’t find it’s Makita. Anyways this new platform rolls around on tank treads, and utilizes a laser system to keep track of exactly where it is, and uses that information to precisely drill holes for overhead MEP anchors, and even uses a spray system to mark the holes with appropriate symbols. And of course it’s able to track the size, depth, time, and location of every hole it drills. The whole system is self contained and powered by it’s own battery pack that will last a full 8 hour work day, while charging in 4-6 hours overnight. Hilti says that while the JAIBOT currently only drills overhead holes, the future will bring modular attachments that allow it to cut, grind, sand and I can only assume, massage. What a world we live in. 

Seeing as tomorrow it’s Halloween, Shane the Construction Junkie himself decided you might enjoy reading about 7 of the spookiest things found on construction sites. He was wrong. Ok maybe you’ll think this is fun. Shane shares 7 stories of jobsite spookery including severed heads, tombstones, caskets, bones, rats and a man in a bear suit. If you’re like Sarah and want to read those stories, and for the rest of your construction industry news, head on over to Construction Junkie.com.

Instagram Favorites

Our buddy Murry gave me a heart attack this week by drilling holes in aluminum with a spade bit, which just like you, I assumed was about to seize up and make a mess, but as he pointed out, the bit actually came with the aluminum door, and it worked great. I still can’t watch it though.


Thibault of French MTL Carpentry caught a photo of two tools getting along perfectly in the wild, this time a Skilsaw jobsite saw and his Festool CT Midi, and asked what Duo or Trio do you think work best together.


And last of all, Drywallshorty brings us our weekly moment of zen with this ultra satisfying mud scrape using her 6” knife from Level 5 Tools. I think I watched that 40 times.


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