Has the KING of Jobsite Saws been DETHRONED? Just by adding the word “PRO”? Plus Tool News! S3E27

Coming up next, The Kite Army hits top speed with an EGO battery and Sawstop goes pro! This is your Power tool week in review.

We start off with a mega tool comparo… which means we’re starting with Tool Box Buzz. The Band of Merry tool testers decided it was time to drop the gas, and embrace the new electric mowing revolution. But there are so many choices! How many? 12. Seriously. And in true TBB fashion, they go WAY overboard on detailed testing and comparison. Exactly the way we like it. There were entries from big brands like EGO, DeWALT, Makita and Greenworks, and entry-level examples from SKIL, HART, Kobalt and more. So what mower did they decide was the best? Exactly who you think, and just in case you aren’t thinking of the winner, be sure head over to ToolBoxBuzz on Youtube.

In August of last year, SawStop surprised us with a new version of their popular Jobsite saw, this time carrying the title “pro”. This is the new Sawstop Jobsite Pro, and Ron Paulk, a long time user of the original Jobsite saw, put the two side by side, and walked us through every difference he could find. Besides the obvious 2” deeper table, blade guard with dust collection and an updated fence, it turns out there are a ton of slight differences that add up to a rather significant upgrade to an already capable saw. And of course, it still refuses to cut your hotdogs, which is great… for hotdogs. If you’ve been waiting for the perfect time to finally take the SawStop plunge, head over to Ron Paulk on YouTube.

on’t you just hate it when you grab a clamp to hold something down, and you just can’t seem to get 2500 lbs of force out of your quick clamp? Well Tim has a solution. Mr. Johnson introduced us to the Dimide Impact-rated clamp, a unique clamping solution featuring buzzwords like “Locally Hardened Impact Rated Hex, Heat-Treated Chromoly Steel Rolled-Thread Screw, Zing-Plated High-Strength Steel Arms… You know what I mean, but best of all, these monsters can be clamped down at lightning speed with the use of an impact wrench or driver! Look at that thing go! Now, NO, I have zero use for these things, but of course, after Tim pitched them, now I need them. If you’d like to get in line and save a few bucks, their Kickstarter will begin any day now. For more information visit Shop Tool Reviews on YouTube.

EGO already powers a wide variety of outdoor equipment, but Andrew still felt the need to try their overpowered batteries on something else, starting with his bike. Andrew ordered a rear hub ebike kit for his mountain bike, walks us through the installation, and then hooks it up to an EGO battery, turning it into an electric 30mph deathtrap… of fun I mean! This is absolutely awesome! He doesn’t show us how to hook up the EGO battery because he’s afraid of the “legal implications”. Which he should be.  If you pay close attention to the video, I think you’ll agree that there are both Positive, and Negative reasons for not telling you how to HOOK UP THE BATTERY. If you have a bike, an EGO battery, and the skill to figure out what to do with TWO wires, head over to the Kite Army on YouTube.

Ok let’s get to Construction Industry News with Construction Junkie. It’s that time again, when you can vote for the best Industry Podcast, for the Construction Junkie Best Construction Podcasts of 2020 award! So head over and Get your vote in! …nvm It’s too late for that. You had to have your vote in by the 1st, and hopefully you got your vote in unlike Rob, who forgot! Well anyways, to find out who won, and for the rest of your Construction Industry News, head over to ConstructionJunkie.com 


Before we go I’m going to share a couple of my favorite Instagram posts. Starting with Paul the Toolpig, who is using Makita VC 4210 to clean up after a major mold outbreak, and claims the Makita is the most consistent performer and sports the quietest motor he’s ever used.

Keefer, the toolaholic showed off some work boots I had never heard of before, called Royer. They’re CSA approved and Omega rated, neither of which means anything to me, but if they look good, and Keefer says they’re great, they’re probably worth a look.

And lastly, I don’t know what a socket saver is. I even tried to google it, and I still don’t get it, but the OGPlumbGod showed off his, and now I want one. For, you know… saving sockets?

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