Gray Wireless Lifting System WPLS-135 & WPLS-185

Gray Wireless Lifts

Most well known for their heavy duty floor and transmission jacks Gray Manufacturing has recently updated their wireless lifting systems. Gray was the first to market with these a wireless system over 10 years ago and has made a significant number of improvements which make these new models not only very easy to operate but also the safest we have seen. The two new models WPLS-135 (13,500 lbs per column) and the WPLS-185 (18,500 lbs per column) are sold in sets of 4 but can be bought/easily used in pairs of 2, 4, 6 or 8 depending on application and weight of the vehicles you plan to service.

Gray Lifting Systems

We recently attended a training session for these new models of wireless lifting systems where 4 of the WPLS-185 units were used to do some service work one of Columbus’s fire trucks. With a total lifting power of 74,000 lbs for the 4 unit system this truck went up with ease but we were more impressed with how easy the system was to operate. All 4 units are identical and charged on a single standard 110v outlet. The time for setup with this wireless system versus a wired or hybrid system using 480v is a fraction of the time and no high voltage lines to drag around the shop. The setup could not have been easier as the units move into place very easy, forks are easy to adjust and the Android based touch screen interface could not be more strait forward. With a few taps we had the truck off the ground and raised the truck into position in about a minute.

Gray WPLS-185

What is more impressive than how easy this product is to operate however is how much consideration went into all the safety features of these units. Every feature was carefully considered and looked at from the point of view of how they could prevent catastrophe. Tire grips on the treads, multiple safety mechanisms to hold the unit in place, several features which work to keep balance and ensure no column is more than a few inches off even if you deliberately tried.

WPLS-185 Gray Lifting Systems

With a flat surface and 110v power for charging you could be up and running that same day so these are very well suited for any shop or situation. Of course a wireless lifting system like this isn’t for everyone and it would be hard to pull the trigger without having seen it in action or at minimum answered all your technical questions. If it is something you want to know more about give the pros at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424 a call and they will be more than happy to help get you some answers. We know most will probably never need/justify a lifting setup like this but we can’t help but geek out on cool new technology.

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