GOT COLD BEER? Milwaukee VS Klein Jobsite Cooler Head 2 Head Shootout

Scott cracks a few (or more) open to see which cooler is the coolest! So, we throw a six pack in the Milwaukee Jobsite Soft-Side Cooler 48-22-8250 and the Klein Jobsite Soft-Sided Cooler 55601, wait 12 hours and let the testing commence. 

Both coolers did their job and kept our beer nice and cold, but we have to give this one to Milwaukee. Even after 12 hours, not only did the Milwaukee keep our beer ice cold, there was an noticeable difference with the amount of ice left.

Although, Milwaukee won the 12 hour cold beer challenge, I still personally prefer the Klein. I like the material and it feels more sturdy with larger top storage pocket. I especially like the hard shell on the bottom, and it provides an extra safe guard to my precious food and drinks inside! For serious cooler needs Klein also has a larger Hard Shell Cooler 55600 with a 30 hour cool time but that’s a challenge for another day!

Don’t forget to shop all Milwaukee and Klein tools at Stay thirsty, cheers!

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