Get Your Free Bosch Edge Recip Blades

You have probably heard about the new Bosch Edge reciprocating saw blades by now. Perhaps you registered to win the Bosch Ax and Stub Hub gift card. If you haven’t, it’s free, do it. Hopefully you read about the launch on or another blog like who did a pretty good test against the Lenox Gold Blades, Lenox got smoked.

Ohio Power Tool and Bosch Tools would like to do more than tell you about them, we would like to get these in your hands so you can try them for yourself. Ohio Power Tool will give you a 5 pack of 6” Edge Blades of your choice for free, with any Bosch order over $129. If your order is over $199 you have a choice of any 6” or 9” blades. Simply email your name, order number and requested Edge Blade part number to and these will be shipped with your order for free. The only request is that you use them and if possible, email us a line or two about what your thoughts are on them.


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