Generac Propane Generator LP3250 Uses Standard Tanks

The recent STAFDA trade show was our first chance to get a look at the new Generac portable propane generator LP3250 ($649, Ohio Power Tool). These new generators are setup on a cart that holds standard size propane tanks making it very easy and safe to store additional fuel. In talking with the product manager there are several other advantages to running propane for power generation, especially for traditional standby needs.

To start with, propane burns cleaner so there is much less carbon monoxide produced, not that you should be running any generator in a closed environment but less poisonous gases is always good in our book. For standby generators that might sit unused for a month or two at a time one of the biggest enemies is the fuel gumming up. Propane on the other hand can sit indefinitely without deterioration so the maintenance should be much lower. Check out the video below shot by Tool Select at this year’s National Hardware Show for a little more info.

Hopefully this is just the start of a new line as we would like to see a Propane LP5500 or LP6500 version that could run some more of the household in an emergency. For a full selection of Generac, Multiquip, Honda, Kubota Power Generators including the new Generac Professional Series units check out Ohio Power Tool. If you should have any questions give them a call 800-242-4424.

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