Generac New XP Professional Series vs GP Series Generators

Generac Generators have been around since the 1950’s and has built a name now synonymous as the standard in automatic stand by generators with their Generac Guardian line. These generators carry the only industrial OHVI engines, designed and build specifically for needs of power generation. In addition the OHVI engines are build right here in the USA at the Generac factory in Wisconsin.


The same industrial OHVI engines are now available for portable use in their new top of the line XP professional series. These new USA built generators are as tough as anything you will find on the jobsite today. The 3 Year Services warranty, 2 year or 200 hour service cycle and network of nationwide dealers make these generators pain-free to maintain. The never-flat tires and screw on/off oil filter also add to these generators ease of maintenance.  The integrated lifting eye and full GFCI electrical panel make the XP series OSHA and NEC 2011 code compliant for transport and operation.

Since these engines are the only on the market built specifically for power generation purposes and not multiuse for lawnmowers and snow blowers, they are designed specifically to handle all day operation typical of professional grade generators. The True Power Technology on the XP series creates very clean power with 5% or lower Total Harmonic Distortion, safe for laptops, high end refrigerators, variable speed sump pumps and other equipment with onboard electronics. Another feature exclusive to the Generac XP line is Idle Control which saves fuel, engine wear and makes the units run much quieter possibly saving your sanity when working around them. For jobsite use these Generac units can go right up against other top of the line professional brands such as Honda, Kubota, Multiquip and others. California approved CARB models also available, call 800-242-4424. Watch the Generac video on the OHVI engine below.

When comparing the Generac GP series vs the XP series generators they are really very different animals. The GP series made by Generac are also good units however they are priced very competitively and do not have many of the same high-end features. The motors on these units are imported OHV, the warranty is 1 year, they do not have as long between service intervals, oil filtration is not a simple screw on/off, they do not feature GFCI so not OSHA compliant, no lifting eyes, no idle control and no not feature True Power Technology so power output is not as clean and can run as high as 25% Total Harmonic Distortion. This means you would run a risk plugging laptops and high end electronics directly into the generator without additional surge protection.

The GP series does certainly offer some great benefits at less than half the price of XP series. Features include the same great network of service centers, never-flat tires, low oil shutoff, covered circuits, fuel gauge, electric start and a low tone muffler for quieter operation. These units cannot be beat for the dollar to power output! For occasional home, tailgate and camping needs these units are excellent and cannot be matched by any other low cost options.

Both of these series of power generators are excellent options but clearly have different intended purposes. We wanted to try and make it a little more clear what you get for the money with each line but it is our feeling both lines are really great values and are backed with terrific service. For further generator questions contact Ohio Power Tool at 800-242-4424.

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