Festool Announces New Cordless Impact, And New Low Prices!

Festool is known for two things. Absolutely rockstar power tools, at absolutely budget-busting prices. Of course, Festool Junkies will tell you that they’re worth every penny. But those high prices have kept Festool from reaching a larger buyer base, but that all changes today. 

Festool just announced the launch of a brand new impact, the TID 18 Impact Driver, and a new 4.0Ah battery that features the 21700 cells found in the industry’s best. The new driver boasts a staggering 1,600 inch-pounds of torque and 3200 RPM. Those numbers are fighting words in this industry, and we don’t doubt that Milwaukee, DeWALT, Bosch and Makita are all suddenly paying attention. 

But it’s not just because of the stats, it’s the new price. $199 now gets you an honest to god Festool Impact, which puts it right into the same ring as the biggest contenders this industry has. For $349, you can take it home in a Systainer, and 2 of the new 4.0ah batteries. 

But Festool hasn’t stopped there. They’ve launched a total of 7 new Festool 18V Combo Kits all with lower prices that range from $549 to a staggering $1799 Pro Pack, which is for those of you who feel like tossing out ALL of your old tools, and “going green” completely. 

This is not a small bit of news guys. Festool has never been known for being “competitively priced” and until now, they’ve never really apologized for that. Quite frankly, we’re big fans of their tools, I personally bought a TS55 of my own many years ago, and never once regretted it. This is encouraging news for all of us. We’ll be watching where this goes. 

Does this pricing entice you to switch to the dark side? Let us know in the comments below.

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