Ergodyne Squids 40lbs High-Capacity Tool Lanyards

As the global leader in objects at height safety, Ergodyne delivers the future of tool tethering and dropped object prevention. Tool lanyards are more than accessories, they keep the job site safe and also keep us productive. Introducing two new 40lb Tool Lanyards:

What is the most important thing on any job site? Safety. Lanyards are vitally important to anyone working at various heights. Read our previous post, “Tool Lanyards Save Lives” to learn more.

The new additions are Ergodyne’s highest weight-rated tool lanyards to date, after being rigorously tested and third-party certified to a 40lb (18kg) maximum capacity.

“With so much on the line, it’s absolutely imperative that our dropped objects solutions are held to the highest standards. To have those ratings, certifications and test results readily available for review is equally important – especially for those entrusted with the safety of work crews.” -Tom Votel, president & CEO, Ergodyne.

It’s serious business. You can view the full report of each Lanyard right on the Ergodyn website. Or you can stay here and view the report, I so nicely downloaded for you all! Download report here.

“In order to pass the rigid testing requirements of the upcoming ANSI/ISEA 121 Dropped Objects Standard we’ve helped draft, we found our non-shock absorbing tetoron polyester webbing delivered superior test results.”Brent Velenchenko, product specialist, Ergodyne.

The Squids 3129 Tool Lanyard is a part of an overall fall protection plan to reduce the risk of falling objects and increase workplace safety.

The advanced technical design of the 3129 Tool Lanyard uses a heavy-duty, single-length, non-shock absorbing webbing. On one end of the 3129 Lanyard, there’s a double-action locking carabiner that swivels, and on the other, there’s a treaded loop for secure attachment. The double-action locking carabiner features a captive eye for maximum security.

Similar to the 3129, the advanced technical design of the 3139 Tool Lanyard uses a heavy-duty, single-length, non-shock absorbing webbing. However, the difference is two swiveling double-action locking carabiners on both ends with captive eyes for maximum security.

Both Squids Lanyards are available now. If you don’t need a 40lb capacity, there are other options available. Shop the full Ergodyne Lanyard catalog & Tool Storage at If you have any questions or just want to chat tools, give Ohio Power Tool a call at 614-481-2111. They’re always willing to lend a hand and find the tool that’s right for you.

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