Dremel Tool Closeout Deals & Great Gift Ideas

At Ohio Power Tool you can now get great deals on all Dremel tools in-stock. Supplies are limited, so when they are gone that’s it. Dremel tools make perfect gifts for woodworkers, craftsmen or any tool lover. Some of these units are currently at the absolute lowest prices on Google Shopping.

Dremel Electric Engraver 290-05 – $19.95
These tools are great for doing engraving on just about any surfaces. A great way to protect your other tool investments is simply to engrave your info on them.

Dremel Rotary Tool XPR 400-1/6 – $79.90
This tool comes with the right angle attachment and several accessories not included in the basic kit. This is one of the most popular Dremel rotary tools, if the there is someone on your Christmas list who doesn’t have one of these this should be an easy buy.

Dremel 10.8V Cordless Rotary Tool 8000-05 – $99.90
This cordless rotary tool provides the freedom to take it anywhere but still provides a long battery life with more than enough power to get the job done. Same great Dremel rotary tool, now cordless.


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