Dremel Multi-Max MM40 with Quick Lock Oscillating Tool


The problem we were faced with was how to make a clean cut in a tight space on a desktop computer stand. The space was too small to fit a jig saw or reciprocating saw and needed to be a clean cut to sand down and touch up with paint. The solution came in the form of a Dremel MultiMax MM40 ($139 Ohio Power Tool) which would be able to make the cut and sand the piece down using only one tool.


We felt that this was the perfect opportunity to use the new Dremel  Multi-Max MM40 in a true “real world” application.  They didn’t want to go find a new computer station so we did some “post fabrication” on the existing one.  Basically just cut the piece of wood off the darn thing so their oversized laptop would fit.

The Dremel Multi-Max MM40 comes equipped with a variable speed 2.5 amp motor.  This packs quite an upgraded punch from earlier Multi-Max models. We also see the introduction of  Dremel’s patented  Quick Lock System, their tool-less blade change solution which is pretty handy for us folks who always lose the pieces and parts to their tool kits.

This kit comes with several of the most popular blades and sanding pads. A few others you might also want to pickup are grinding rasp and a grout removing tool which are pretty popular. See the full Dremel Accessory list here.

For the Computer Desk Project

We started with the half moon blade, which is typically used in a multi purpose application for wood/drywall.  While we felt it was a blade we had good control over the speed of cut was just not there.


Once we switched to the wood specific blade it started to rip.  (See Video Above)  The sanding pads were pretty effective and easy to switch with the Velcro backing. We hit it with a couple passes, starting with the larger grit then moving finer. For the final step we hit it with several coats of black Krylon spray paint and it came out very nice.

All in all the Dremel MM40 is probably our favorite oscillating tool on the market today, in this price range. Dremel continues to launch a wide range of new accessories which add to the products overall versatility. One biggest downfall of other newcomers, such as the Porter Cable PC250MTK, is the lack of available accessories or places to buy them. We really think the Quick Lock ™ tool-less quick change system does a great job of making this one of the most refined oscillating tools at any price point. If you are debating between this unit and the Dremel MM20 ($99, Ohio Power Tool) we would strongly suggest going with the MM40 for more power and ease of use.

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