Do you know about THIS Makita Monster? Power Tool News S4E9

This week, we’re gonna look at some tools you didn’t know your favorite brand made. Plus, DeWALT launches a new Max Line Laser and Vince shows us how to upgrade our EGO 2 Stage Snow Blower! THIS is your power tool week in review.

Hikoki Multivolt Table Saw | Oz Tool Talk

Today we’ve got several tool stories for you, starting with a closer look at a Hokoki Multivolt tablesaw, presumably operated by koalas.  

THIS is the Hikoki, or MetaboHPT here in the states, Multivolt brushless 10in table saw. It’s most obvious trick, is the ability to switch between an 18V battery, and a plug that works in any 110v outlet. Something everyone asks for, all the time, but only Metabo-HPT seems to deliver. 

My buddies at Oz Tool talk put the saw to work, and they seemed more impressed by it’s durability than anything else. Mike used this saw himself and initially wasn’t impressed with it, but after using it for a few months, he realized his only disappointments came from comparisons to much larger saws. For the full review, head over to Oz Tool Talk.

DeWALT Launches Max Line Laser | DeWALT

 DeWALT announced its first-ever 20V MAX line Laser, and on paper it checks off a lot of boxes. 

This is the DeWALT DCLE34030G, It’s a brand new 3×360 degree GReen Line Laser that works with the DeWALT 20V MAX battery system, OR… The DeWALT 12V MAX platform. That’s right, this new laser will take EITHER battery platform, something I haven’t seen before. I reached out to DeWALT to ask if they’ve ever made a tool like this, and when I get an answer, I’ll leave it in the comments. This new laser features a fine adjustment knob, a working range up to 100ft, or 165ft with a detector.

The 3 360 degree self leveling lasers cover the entire working area, perfect for drywall and electrical installations, window fitting, plumbing, tiling and carpentry. The lasers are quite here yet, but when they arrive they’ll be available as a bare tool for $549, or with a 20V Max 2ah battery for $599.

EGO Snow Blower Fix | VCG Construction

Do you have an EGO 2 Stage Snow Blower? Do you know what shear pins are? If you do, Vince from VCG has a FREE upgrade for it, that you’re gonna wanna see.

Apparently, this powerful snow tosser is so strong, it’s begun pushing it’s own chute around, so EGO is providing a free kit to fix it. Vince shows us exactly how it works, and how to install it, so you can get back out there and start blowing snow into your neighbors yard like a ‘Merican. Or be nice and use your newly upgraded tool to clear your neighbors driveway. I don’t care. I’m not your Mom. For the full tutorial head over to VCG Construction.

Tool Talk | Unique Tools from Big Brands

It’s time for some tool talk. Last week we brought attention to the growing nationwide power tool shortage and asked you to tell us how it’s affected you or your job. The comments were full of confirmation, that tools are sparse. Brandon Mullin, a Lowes employee, told us that Lowes has been out of MANY DeWALT 20VMax tools since early December. And Curtis Cressman, who works at a contractor store in Ontario, said “We’re still waiting on some tools since September.” and he’s suggested 3 month lead times have become more common. That’s  a real bummer if you’ve got a new tool need, but there’s not much we can do about it for now except getting your pre-orders in so when they do arrive, you’ll get yours. 

This week, I want to talk about some truly unique tools made by the big brands, but you likely never even knew they existed. This week Milwaukee released their $9,400 pipeline camera system, something very few people need. The monstrosity you saw on our thumbnail is a Makita XPP01T1K. It’s an 18V LXT Cordless 5/16” Metal Hole puncher. How about this thing? Looks like a normal chainsaw right? Nope, that’s a $2200 STihl 16” Rock Boss. It cuts 15.7” into concrete.

Or this thing from RIDGID. Thats a SF-2500 Super Freeze. It freezes pipes, on purpose. It literally makes ice plugs for holding off water temporarily while working on equipment. Or this thing. It may not be from a company you’ve heard of, but this 35 Ton 120V Electric Chain Cutter is from Enerpac, and it cuts 1in thick chain. For only $4,085!

If you know of a big brand tool, that you think we’ve never seen, tell us about it in the comments below, and I’ll be there to chat right after the show.

Construction Industry News | Construction Junkie

It’s time for construction industry news, courtesy of, the Construction Junkie. Volvo, the maker of the worlds safest car, for the worlds worst drivers, also produces some pretty spectacular heavy equipment, and this week they revealed an electric excavator with an unusual feature.

This is the Volvo EX03 Electric Wheeled Excavator Concept or VEX-you-ekh for short. Not a great acronym. This midsized 14 metric ton excavator will share the same performance of similar-sized diesel versions. But it’s not the power that you’ll notice first, it’s the huge screen on the back that serves one of 4 functions. It can be a real-time view of the front of the machine, so people behind you can see what’s in front of you.

It can be a text-based screen to help alert workers what movements it’s making, a safety communication live stream that allows the driver to look you in the eye, and presumably the fourth reason is to play Mario Kart with your Jobsite buddies on your break. Volvo currently has no plans to actually make the thing, they just want blogs and obscure power tool shows on YouTube to mention their name. Volvo. 

For more on this, and the rest of your construction industry news, visit construction

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