Did you buy the WRONG Milwaukee Platform? Power Tool Week In Review!

THIS WEEK… we’ve got overpowered routers, super small pin nailers, circular saws, xmen lawn mowers, baby chainsaws and hedge trimmers, and Milwaukee’s forgotten battery platform. THIS is your power tool week in review.

Welcome back power tool fans, I’m Rob, and I’m giving away $2,000 worth of power tools tomorrow, but first, let’s head over at Torque Test channel where they’re testing torque from a previous era. 

Torque Test Channel | Milwaukee Milwaukee M28

THAT is a Milwaukee M28 Impact Wrench. And if M28 is new to you, you’re not alone. The battery platform hasn’t been expanded by Milwaukee since 2015. So this review is more about curiosity than it is about competition. But of course Torque doesn’t just review a tool, but tells a really entertaining story about the battery platform Milwaukee abandoned, shortly after they launched their High Output batteries, practically making the system obsolete. And as Torque puts it, this specific tool comes with a ton of quarks and features that are sure to entertain.

Like that battery. The thing can be slid on both ways, allowing you to shift the battery a bit. Which has me wondering how that might effect the balance of a few M18 tools if they found a way to do the same. As for the testing, well, the M28 isn’t exactly a powerhouse, but it is unusually smooth, and after tearing it open, Torque finds out exactly why. To see what he found, head over to Torque Test Channel.

Tools & Stuff | Router Reviews

As these new generation lithium-ion batteries improve, we continue to see more high-demand tools go cordless. Even ½” routers. 

We’ve had cordless trim routers for some time now, but only in the last 2 years have we seen full size cordless routers like the Metabo HPT 36v ½”. And even in ¼” we now have a 40V XGT from Makita, so Tools decided to test both of them out, against the most powerful 18V Router, the DeWALT 20V MAX, to see just how far cordless routers have come, and who is currently on top. The power in these tools is quite frankly insane, so it makes sense that his testing was as well.

Besides a reasonable ½” channel cutting, he also straps on this ridiculous 1” cove bit and drags it through some hardwood. And no, they don’t all make it. But after all this testing, the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority was forced to ground all air traffic until the sawdust cleared. I’m guessing. In the end there is a clear winner of the most powerful title, and to see who won, visit Tools And Stuff.

Tool Review Zone | DeWALT Shop Vac

Moving over to the Tool Review Zone, Clint got his hands on a yet to be released DeWALT wet dry vac, and in his testing, discovered something he can no longer live without. 

That is the DeWALT 12 gallon stealth sonic wed/dry vacuum. And when you name a vac the Stealth Sonic, you can guess it’s headlining feature. This vac, is quiet. At the recent Milwaukee M18 Vac event, all of us immediately noticed how incredibly quiet they were. But as Clint points out, even the Milwaukee is noisy compared to this new DeWALT. Of course anyone can make a quiet vac by reducing power, but it seems DeWALT didn’t have to. It’s rated at 5.5 HP, and 105 CFM, and in his test, to drew water far faster than a comparable RIDGID.

While I haven’t used the RIDGID we’ve used the new Milwaukee M18 quite a bit, and having a vac that’s quiet is surprisingly nice, and I can totally understand why Clint would get so excited about even more improvement in this area. You can find the full review at Tool Review Zone.

Sparky Channel | DeWALT Pin Nailer

Bill over at Sparky Channel got another new toy from DeWALT, and this one fires some very small nails.

That’s right Miss Makita, a 23g pin nailer shoots some pretty small nails, but Bill doesn’t have a Makita, he has the new DeWALT 20V MAX Pin Nailer, part of the Atomic Compact Series, and yeah, even the tool is small. And to test it, he pins down a variety of different woods, carefully adjusting the drive depth each time. While Bill clearly likes the tiny nailer, there are a few small gripes, including it’s inability to rapid fire. But overall, it turns out to be a compact  and perfectly capable 23g pin nailer that even Miss Makita could appreciate. For the full review head over to Sparky Channel.

DO NOT search our channel for our Miss Makita clips. I would love to just say “It was a different time”, but that’s really no excuse.

Machinery Nation | BABY HEDGE TRIMMERS!

Moving on the lunatics at Machinery Nation are testing baby hedge-trimmers this week, and Sarah is on vacation. What a shame. But we’re here, so let’s go!

Wait…IS THAT AN EGO 12V TOOL? IT IS! Holy crap. Just wait till Sarah gets back and finds out EGO has been holding out on her! I actually reached out to James to get the skinny on this skinny tool, and he said EGO launched it about 3 years ago, and never expanded the line with any other tools.

So no baby EGO chainsaw just yet. Anyways, they compare it to Sarah’s current favorite, the Milwaukee, a Stihl, and an Al-Ko, don’t know what that is either. And of course, because these two are testing them, every freak’n minute of this video is not only informative, but absolutely hilarious. They take their time reviewing all of their features, and them put them to work mowing the lawn for some reason, and Just like El Guapo’s men, they trim the hedges.  To find out which baby hedge trimmer comes out on top, visit Machinery Nation.

Shop Tool Reviews | DeWALT Brushless Circular Saw

There are a few more videos I think you should catch this week, starting with Tim over at Shop Tool Reviews who got his hands on the new DeWALT DCS565 20V Brushless 6 ½” circular saw, which on the thumbnail for his video he put Woah Nelly, so… enough said.

VCG Construction | Milwaukee Track Saw

Vince over at VCG has an interesting take on the new Miwaukee Track saw, and it doesn’t exactly make him happy. 

Machinery Nation | Crazy Thing

Back at Machinery Nation again, they review a mower that looks like… well…

Shop Tool Reviews | FLEX

Tim takes on some metal working, one handed with the FLEX one handed reciprocating saw

Man Caver Tools | Battery Chainsaws

Dave over at Man Caver Tools takes on Battery power chainsaws, including Sarah’s favorite.

RR Buildings

And last of all, Kyle over at RR Buildings got a new tool. Er… toy… is there really a difference? I think not, and this one is BIG

THAT is the Magni Rotating Telehandler. Where’s mine Kyle? I feel like he just keeps buying tools for himself, without even thinking of my needs. I do NOT need one of these. But I also need one. Can you guys relate? Let me know in the comments.

Production Crew Live Giveaway

So tomorrow is the big day. Once again we’re going to hold our monthly live show here on YT, and give way $2,000 worth of brand new power tools to one of our channel members, plus a bunch of other prizes to anyone who just shows up live and joins us in the chat!

Now this is the first time I won’t have Sarah with me, so if you guys wouldn’t mind showing up to keep me company, and maybe win something, that’d be great.

Also, we have a new shelf to announce! It’s got a TON of new tools on it, plus a few surprises. It’s a brand we haven’t featured yet on our giveaway shelves, but something a lot of you guys have been asking for. And of course all 4 shelves will be fully stocked with Spyder accessories, because there’s no point using pro tools, without pro accessories from Spyder. So be sure to join me tomorrow, Saturday the 30th, at 3pm EST for your chance to win. If you’re interested in our Prodution Crew program, just click on the join button after subscribing. 

Special thanks to SKIL and Ohio Power Tool for sponsoring this episode, guys I couldn’t do it without you. If you can, do something kind for someone else this weekend, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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