Did NOT SEE THIS coming! All NEW PRO Tool Line aimed DIRECTLY at Milwaukee and DeWALT. FLEX IS HERE.

This is easily the biggest power tool surprise yet of 2021. Lowes just announced a BRAND NEW line of power tools coming, under the FLEX brand, built by Chervon. The company that brought us some of the biggest lithium-ion innovations we’ve ever seen, in the EGO and SKIL line of power tools. But this isn’t just another line of tools. FLEX isn’t claiming their new tools are as good as Milwaukee, DeWALT, Makita or Bosch. They’re saying they’re better. Let’s GO!

So what. Why should you care about yet another line of tools, on another battery platform? To find out you have to look a little closer at the press release. They announced a new 24V platform that they claim will power over 100 tools in the next couple years. They are not trying to dip their toes in the water. They’re jumping in the deep end and plan to make the biggest splash they can. 

To do that, they announced a launch event on April 12th, where they say they’ll put their new line of FLEX tools in direct head 2 head tests with the brands you’re already familiar with. 

In the press release they shared 3 tool examples. A ½” Drill Driver that claims 1,400 inch pounds of torque and 2,500 rpms. That sounds an awful lot like Milwaukee’s 2803, which features only 1,200 in lbs, and 2000 rpm. They also described a ¼” Impact Driver, saying it delivers unrivaled torque, power and speed. And a FLEX Recip saw that will cut 50 4x4s on a single 5ah battery, and ShockShield tech that will reduce vibration by 40%. 

They also seem fixated on the claim that this new line of tools will be more powerful and faster than everyone else, but also that their batteries will charge faster too. Which isn’t too surprising, considering the proprietary lithium-ion technology they could get from EGO. 

The only other information they gave us were these 5 “mystery photos”, which are clearly a drill driver, Circular saw, Angle Grinder, Impact and a lightsaber.

You can see from the video footage that they look fantastic in black and white, which EGO green highlights that light up on the battery packs. FINALLY a black line of pro tools.

There’s one more thing. You guys know our show is sponsored by EGO and SKIL. I’m sure some of you are assuming I know more than I’m allowed to tell you right now. And this time, you’d be right. But for now, you’re gonna have to trust me when I say, go to FLEXPowerTools.com/faceoff and get signed up for the event. We’ll be watching, and you should be too. This truly is bigger than you think.

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