Diamond Products at the World of Concrete 2018

Walking around the World of Concrete, it’s impossible to walk by this little guy without stopping to admire! We took a close look at the PC6004EC Highway Grinder and it truly is amazing. Designed for high production grinding/profiling of concrete and asphalt pavements. This 75,000lb (full water) tank cuts 50″ wide at a low 1315 RPM and a high 1900 RPM.

This kind of size and production requires 2 motors. The main engine, attached directly to the head, is a huge turbocharged 630HP diesel. Also, the Auxiliary turbocharged 148HP diesel engine located in the front, operates the hydraulics and drive. There are probably only a handful of people in the country that’ll ever buy one of these units but for us it is more about knowing Diamond Products is very serious about concrete cutting and grinding. They bring this same level of expertise to their smaller walk-behind saws and handheld saws as well.

Who wants to hop in the driver seat?! If full control of this is too intimidating, no worries, it has a computer controlled cruise control system that automatically adjusts forward speed to cutting conditions. Traveling speed of 250 FPM and of course this varies on blade selection and amount/hardness of material being removed.

It’s worth noting, I don’t think your average hobbyist will have this parked in their front yard at a $810,000 price tag. However, it’s still really cool to see in person!

The Diamond Products C14 and C16 compact handheld saws are a great tools for any concrete cutter. Features include the LED indicator for AMP load, dust skid plate (for C14) to hook up a vac for silica dust collection, flush cat option for C16, water attachment for dust suppression and the wheel kit to roll along the concrete while cutting.

Learn more about these saws on earlier posts, found below. With over a year in the field in some of the harshest conditions you’re going to find we have been very impressed by these new electric saw options.

Diamond Products Core Cut 14″ Electric Concrete Saw C14
Core Cut Electric Concrete Saws 14″ & 16″ – Wet or Dry

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