DeWALT Combo Roofing Nailer and DRAIN SNAKE? What multi-tools are next? Power Tool NEWS! S4E2

This week, we take a look at multi purpose tools, Shane’s top 7 Demolition videos, and we finally find out what happened when Milwaukee sent a M12 Tool into an 18V fight.. THIS is your power tool week in review.

Welcome back power tool fans. I’m Rob, it’s January 8th, 2021 and we’ve got a lot to talk about on today’s show. Sarah will be returning next week, and she said that when she does, she’s going to look back at this episode to see if you guys hit the thumbs up. Let’s not disappoint her ok? That’s how co-host get hit in the back of the head. 

BREAKING News – Milwaukee’s 1st of 2021

Earlier this week we broke the news about a pair of new M12 FUEL ratchets, that featured some insanely high speeds, while sacrificing a bit of torque. The new M12s come in either ¼” or ⅜” and top out at 450RPM, 80% faster than the current M12. While this news was met with a lot of cheers in the comments, many others repeated the same claim of “I think I’ll stick with my right angle impact wrench. Do you know the difference between an impact wrench and a ratchet?

Shop Tool Reviews – Impact Wrench or Ratchet?

Don’t worry, our buddy Tim over at Shop Tool Reviews has you covered. He shared a detailed video this week that addresses exactly that. Tim matches up one of Milwaukee’s current M12 FUEL Ratchets with a Kobalt 24v Max Right Angle Impact Wrench. Both of these tools have a place in your shop, but Tim does a great job of detailing why. You can find out for yourself over at Shop Tool Reviews on YouTube.

Skill Builder – Best 9 Oscillating Tools

Do you guys remember a few weeks ago when we told you to head over to Skill Builder to watch a series of Multi Tool head 2 head videos? Well, the results we’ve been waiting for are finally in.

The legendary Roger Bisby, whom you will recognize from several shows on the BBC, if you watch that, is also the host of Skill Builder right here on Youtube, and he’s been sharing videos about 18V Multi tools for the last couple months. They’ve all been leading up to the final video he released this week, where he lines them all up, and finally declares a winner..  Kinda. We’ve been watching this intently not just because Roger is a fantastic reviewer and teacher, which he is, but also because when Milwaukee was asked to send them an M18 multi tool for the test, they instead sent their M12, essentially saying “Hold my beer”. 

In the final episode we get to see all of the tools together, and Roger does a great job of summarizing each one, and eventually chooses a “Best Overall” winner, and chooses the brand my Dad would have chosen. But he also chooses a “Best Value” and a “Highly Recommended” but I don’t want to spoil it for you. I will tell you this… Milwaukee’s little multi tool that could, took away one of those awards. You can check it out at Skill Builder here on Youtube.

Tool Talk – Merging Tools

On of my favorite things to do each week is talk tools with you guys in the comments after the show, and This week’s topic, multi function tools.

We’ve all seen one of these before. This is a Shop Smith. My Great Grandfather had one of these, and it was passed down to my Dad, who happily tossed it out. The Shop Smith claims to be a full shop in a single tool. It’s a table saw, lathe, disc sander, drill press, boring, router table and shaper. And at $4,500, it sure better do all that stuff! And Shop Smith isn’t the only company merging tools.

For years Bosch has been selling the GTM 12 JL Miter Table combination saw in Europe, and just look at that thing. A table saw and miter saw seem like a perfect match right? Don’t believe me? Ryobi made one too! But I can only find reviews of it from Europe as well. 

And what about replaceable head tools like Ridgid’s JobMAX, which the boys at WorkshopAddict reviewed a couple years ago, and had a lot of nice things to say. These combo tools in theory offer convenience, but no matter how you do it, you add complexity.

So for our Tool Talk this week, I wanted to ask. If merging tools is a good idea, why haven’t we seen a Milwaukee M18 Circular Hammer Drill Saw? Or a Dewalt 15 degree roofing drain snake? Or maybe a Makita Robot Sweeper Coffee Jobsite Butler? I want you to tell me. Do you use combination tools already? If not, why? And what tools do you think the big guys should merge? I’ll be looking for your answers in the comments.

Construction Industry News – Construction Junkie

Let’s take a quick look at your construction industry news, from the Construction Junkie. It’s a new year, which means Shane gets all sentimental and journalistically lazy, and creates some of our favorite “best of 2020” lists each year.

This time around we’re treated to a list of his top 10 most popular articles, including his 7 Innovative ways to tie rebar without using hand tools, and “meet Tybot, the autonomous rebar tying robot. Ah yes… a classic. There are other article NOT about rebar, but who cares amirite?

Next he shared a list of his top 7 demolition videos of 2020, which included favorites like The leaning tower of Dallas, The Palace of Auburn Hills, and of course Shane’s French vertical water cannons that did absolutely nothing. Nothing Shane. They did nothing. To see both lists and to get the rest of your construction industry news, head over to construction 

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