DeWALT Announces 2 NEW Mega Drills and the BIGGEST BATTERY YET!

DeWALT just announced two new FLEXVOT 60V Max SDS MAX hammer drills, which is easily cool enough, but the real news, is a shocking 15AH Flexvolt battery, which is much bigger news than you think. Let’s go!

So first, the two hammer drills. The DCH735 is a 1 ⅞” and the DCH775 is a staggering 2” SDS MAX Hammer Drill. These combination hammers aim to bring fast con crete drilling in a wide range of applications. The 1-7/8-In. hammer delivers 13.3 Joules of impact energy** and a midweight design that allows for horizontal and downward drilling for #6 through #9 rebar dowl applications, dry coring up to five inches, chipping in lower to mid walls, ground rod driving, and bushing.

The 2-In. hammer provides a powerful 19.4 Joules of impact energy** and tackles horizontal and downward drilling for #9 through #14 rebar dowel applications, dry coring up to six inches, chipping in lower walls or floor, ground rod driving, and bushing. Both drills feature the DeWALT Perform and Protect  Anti-Rotation E-Clutch system to protect you from bind ups, and the SHOCKS active vibration control system to reduce vibration. 

These are absolute monster drills. And consequently, they’ll eat a 12ah battery for lunch, which brings us to the bigger news. THAT is a DeWALT 15AH Flexvolt battery. To put this thing in perspective, that’s about the equivalent of an EGO 5AH battery. This is NOT a battery you’ll put on a 20V impact, but this does open opportunities for DeWALT’s expanding OPE lines, and suddenly expands the capacity of their inverter to an impressive 1080 watt hours, beating the 864 watt hours of the Milwaukee MX Carry On by 25%. The bigger battery would be a welcome addition to some of DeWALTs more power hungry tools, like my 9” flexvolt concrete saw, one of  my favorite tools, but from the looks of it, that battery won’t fit into the saw, unless they offer a modified battery door.

This all seems pretty amazing until you see the price. The battery will cost $349 when it comes out this September. That’s a significant jump when compared to EGO’s 5AH battery which is only $249. But of course, EGO is outdoor power equipment only. And none of the other power tool companies offer a battery this big on an 18v platform, which is big news indeed.

The Drills will be available in September as well, for $999 and $1,099 respectively.

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