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Dewalt Crimpers

It used to be that trades were very loyal to certain trade specific tools electricians used GreenLee for knockouts and crimpers, plumbers used Ridgid threading and pipe tools, general tools whomever did it best like Skil Circular Saw, Bosch SDS Hammer, Milwaukee Sawzall and Dewalt Drill. The big move to cordless however changes everything because now it makes much more sense to stick to a single battery platform, and that platform is king. If you’ve got a dozen Dewalt 20V batteries and in the market for a press tool, chances are good you may consider the Dewalt over Ridgid ProPress.

Coming in June Dewalt will be adding 5 new tools to target professionals in various trades. For electricians Died Crimper DCE300, Dieless Crimper DCE350 and Cable Cutter DCE150, capacity up to 750 MCM Cu/1000 MCM Al. For Plumbing & Mechanical trades a Press Tool DCE200 to tackle 1/2” – 4” pipe. For various trades a Threaded Rod Cutter DCS350 which can do up to ½” steel and 3/8” stainless.

This seems like a somewhat scattered shot approach to building up the platform but these are the most popular power tools for various trades. For more info on these new tools the official Dewalt press release is below and expect more detailed info to follow in June on each tools specs, price and performance.  

TOWSON, MD (April 2016) – DEWALT announces its further expansion into trade-focused products with five tools dedicated to the Electrical, Mechanical and Plumbing Trades; categories DEWALT plans to continue to develop as the brand expands its line in the future. Featuring cutting, crimping, and pressing tools, the new line includes products with premium ergonomics, the capability to complete wide range of applications, and compatibility with the existing 20V MAX* system from DEWALT.

Electrical Tools

New DEWALT electrical tools include a U-Type Died Crimper (DCE300) and a Dieless Crimper (DCE350). Both feature the Crimp Connect™ System, an intelligent onboard reporting system integrated into the tool that reports and prints the date, time, force, and successful crimp cycles completed by the tool as well as the tool’s calibration and service history. An LED panel on the tool is used as an interface that powers on or off the tool, indicates battery state of charge, cycle completion, and if recalibration or service of the tool is needed. Another bright LED work light helps to illuminate the crimping area when working in dark spaces. Finally, the tools each include a shoulder strap for convenience when transporting around the jobsite.

The Died Crimper (DCE300) delivers a 12-ton crimping force for UL classified crimps using connectors from most manufacturers. It accepts U Type dies from most brands and has a capacity from #8 – 750 MCM Cu /1000 MCM Al. A 270° pivoting head allows the crimper to maneuver in tight spaces while forward and reverse trigger switches provide one-handed control of the crimping operation.

The Dieless Crimper (DCE350) features a universal 4 pusher design and crimps #8 – 750 MCM Cu/ 1000 MCM Al. An innovative head design helps reduce user error when crimping smaller cable, thereby providing durability. A 360° pivoting head allows the crimper to maneuver in tight spaces while forward and reverse triggers, as with the Died Crimper, provide one-handed control of the crimping operation.

Another tool available for the electrical industry is the Cable Cutter (DCE150) which is capable of cutting up to 750 MCM Cu/1000 MCM Al, cutting a full range of copper and aluminum cable. A hardened steel cutting blade provides long life, can be self-serviced, and is replaceable; a convenience for working in the field. A bright LED work light helps to illuminate cutting area while and inline forward/reverse switch offers quick and convenient operation.

Plumbing and Mechanical Tool

The new DEWALT Press Tool (DCE200) is capable of pressing pipe fittings from 1/2″ to 4″ in copper and stainless steel pipe.  The Press Tool is capable of completing the full range of presses listed above and is compatible with a wide range of crimping heads and attachments for different materials and applications. The head of the tool pivots 320° to maneuver in tight spaces and the crimping jaws are protected from corrosion with a black galvanized coating. This tool also features the Crimp Connect™ System, a bright LED work light that helps to illuminate the workspace and an LED panel which powers on or off the tool, indicates battery state of charge, cycle completion, and if recalibration or service of the tool is needed. Finally, this tool also includes a shoulder strap for convenience when transporting around the jobsite.

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Tool

The new Threaded Rod Cutter (DCS350) is capable of quickly and cleanly cutting a range of threaded rod sizes including 1/4″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ mild steel rods and ¼”and 3/8” stainless steel rods.  The four sided rotatable cutting die allows the user to cut each of the three different sizes of threaded rod with the same tool just by rotating the cutting dies to the size needed. The unit does not create chips or sparks while cutting, providing a burr-free cut that can easily be threaded onto fasteners. The Threaded Rod Cutter is part of the DEWALT Perform & Protect™ line of power tools which is designed to provide a high level of one or more of the following: control, dust containment, or low vibration, without sacrificing performance. The Threaded Rod Cutter eliminates fast moving cutting blades or wheels which can bind up when cutting or trimming threaded rod. The unit includes a bright LED work light, a forward/reverse/lock off switch, and a hang hook. A full line of replacement cutting dies will be available as well.

Available in June 2016 where DEWALT products are sold, users who had previously needed to switch tools from their DEWALT drills to their industry-specific tools will benefit from the convenience and performance of the 20V MAX* system, now available for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, MRO, and HVAC professionals.

*Maximum initial battery voltage (measured without a workload) is 20 volts. Nominal voltage is 18.

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