Demolition Recip Blades – (Day 6) 12 Days of Bits & Blades

It’s the weekend but we aren’t stopping giving away over $1000 of Bosch tools and accessories. There is still plenty of time to register to win some more Bosch goodies on 12 Days of Bits & Blades. Some of the best are still to come including the grand prize of a 12V Max Combo Kit CLPK41-120 ($374, Ohio Power Tool).

Today’s Featured Product & Giveaway – Demolition Reciprocating Saw Blade Set RD12PK ($35, Ohio Power Tool)

In this kit you get 6 different metal blades including (3) RD6V, (2) RDM6x2, (1) RDM9x2 and 6 different wood blades including (2) RDN6V, (2) RDN9v, (2) RWS93. All feature the 2×2 Tooth geometry which work to strengthen the teeth, leading to longer use but also give it a more aggressive cut, speeding up the actual cut time. The kit also includes a nice storage case which will help keep all your reciprocating blades organized and together. Another great stocking stuff for almost anyone.

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