Custom Extension Cords – Safer, Cheaper, Easier to Identify

It’s almost funny just how disposable extension cords are considered on large jobsites. Mostly due to these items just magically growing legs and walking off, never to make it back to the tool crib after even just 1 job. It is because of this many purchasers try to go as cheap as possible when it comes to extension cords. The result is this often means safety and efficient features such as GFCIs, lighted ends, 3-outlet, All-Flex insulation, E-ZEELOCK, etc might get skipped all together. What’s the point if they are only going to last a fraction of their life expectancy anyway?

By customizing extension cords specifically for your company you can put your name and info right on the cord as well as select custom colors to make it very clear to identify which cords are yours. This dramatically reduces theft as well as saves time and prevents potential conflict when multiple companies are operating in close proximity. Because custom cords are typically ordered in larger bulk quantities price can be about equal to off the shelf pricing. Couple this with the fact that a much higher percentage of the cords actually make it back to the home base after each job the savings can be significant.
Contact the pros at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424 for a quote on custom Voltec Extension Cords. These custom cords do take 8-12 weeks to get done so now is the certainly the time to place orders if you would like to have them for spring time.

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