CS Unitec ETS 225 9″ Drywall Sander

ETS 225 drywall sander

Anyone who has ever done it knows that sanding the joint compound off of drywall is a messy, arduous, and sometimes downright dirty job. CS Unitec has been there, and now they are improving the entire process with the introduction of the CS Unitec 9” Drywall Sander ETS 225.

The CS Unitec ETS 225 is a 9” orbital sander, giving it a good three inches over most other orbital sanders on the market. It weighs a measly 6 pounds, which means it is nice and light for carrying around or holding up for extended periods of time. The ETS 225 is a variable speed sander, and its relatively low 2300 max RPM suits the slightly more delicate work of sanding drywall. Also, it has a removable hood that allows the sanding disk to be flush with a flat edge and helps it get into corners. The ETS 225 almost seems to be specifically designed for sanding drywall, but it would also work well on any large surface, such as wood floors, boats, and vehicles.

Optional accessories for the ETS 225 include a telescopic rod (37621) and an angle attachment (37622). These allow the operator to comfortably sand high walls and ceiling without holding a heavy sander over their head for the duration of the time they are working. The telescoping rod even includes a pouch for the other end, which would greatly reduce the effort it takes to hold the sander in the air. There are two distinctly different types of sanding pads for the ETS 225, each with different grits available. The aluminum oxide sanding pad is better for light duty operations, while the nylon screen pads can be used on plastics and soft aluminum. Either will work for sanding joint compound, but the aluminum oxide is better suited for wood. You can check out a video of this bad boy with all of its gizmos below.

Along with everything else the ETS 225 can do, it has a vacuum connection that suits it to work very well with the CS Unitec Vacuums. These vacuums, such as the CS 1225, feature a “power tool take-off outlet” which allows the vacuum to run off of the power switch for the tool it is connected to, as well as electromagnetic pulse self-cleaning filters that will “shake themselves out” if they start to get too clogged with debris.

You can find all of these CS Unitec products as well as many others at Ohio Power Tool, and if you have any questions about electric sanders or any other power tool, you can call a pro at (800) 242-424.

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