CP Red Hawk Road

CP Red Hawk Road Gas-Powered Breakers

CP Red Hawk Road

There are probably few things on this planet that could make you feel as much like a man as firing up a big’ol gas powered concrete breaker and going to town until you are standing on a pile of rubble. The Chicago Pneumatic Red Hawk (and its sibling the Atlas Copco Cobra) have been the most popular of these types of breakers and with this latest update have made several improvements to compete more directly with electric, pneumatic and hydraulic breakers.

The new CP Red Hawk Road is available in 2 models the 1-1/8 Shank or 1-1/4 Shank both priced the same at a $3999, certainly nothing to shake a stick at. The new models feature a protective frame which not only will protect the tool from getting damaged in drops but also makes it easier to transport, position and hold while using. Of course more power is always important, the Red Hawk Road now almost double the closest gas breaker competitor, Impact Energy Output (ISO 2787) 60 Joules/blow and 1440 bpm speed.

Red Hawk Gas Breaker

Weight is also lower than the closest gas competitor by several lbs, coming in at 55.1 lbs. In comparison this is less than the most popular electric breaker competitors including the Bosch Brute BH2770VCD ($1799) and Makita AVT HM1810X3 ($1699).Of course with the gas model there is no need for any cords or hoses so mobility is a big strength here. Optional accessories include a 2 wheel cart in addition to a full on backpack rig if you are really working remotely.

Vibration levels continue to be a growing concern and something that organizations such as OSHA & MSHA continue to review, strict regulations already exist in other countries as to how long tools with higher ft/s2 can be used it is not unforeseeable to see something like this start to be enforced in US. The new Red Hawk Road breakers make significant efforts to dampen any impact on the user and achieve a very impressive 14.1 ft/s2 (Dynaload) which mean regardless of regulations this tool will be less damaging on the operator.

Gas Concrete Breaker

For help selecting the right Concrete Breaker whether it be Gas, Electric, Air or Hydraulic you can always contact the Pros at Ohio Power Tool 800-242-4424. These guys know their stuff and stock a wide range of tools, chisels and other breaker accessories.

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