Cool Down Your Crew Ergodyne SHAX Mist System

When it comes to providing innovative, cooling solutions for professional contractors, Ergodyne continues to prove their market leadership position. Products ranging from, cooling vests, to cooling bands, to cooling hats. Their wide range of cooling solutions make it easy for contractors to stay cool during the brutal summer months. One of their newest cooling solutions, is the Shax Misting System. We found this system to be innovative and a great way to cool off workers in the shade. 

Misting Tent Add-On

The Shax Misting System features:

  • Heavy-duty plastic 2G (7.6L) tank with top funnel for easy (re)filling
  • High performance pump with glove-sized handle
  • Safety locking pressure-release valve
  • 25’ (7.62M) hose and 8 nozzles for multiple installation options
  • Each set of pumps can provide up to 20 min. of misting
  • Continuous misting with hose connection *maximum pressure capacity of 40 PSI
  • Hook-and-loop straps included for easy attachment to tent frame

The Misting System is designed for many applications including general construction, agriculture, landscaping, solar, utility, surveying and leisure. Easily hooks up to the Ergodyne SHAX 6000 ($277.99) and SHAX 6010 ($166.60) Pop Up Tents. Water is transferred from the tank, through the hose and out the eight nozzles. You can however, shortened the nozzle system to your desired length. The SHAX Misting System operates under pressure through a hand pump and has the ability to maintain continuous  water supply through an easy hose hook up.

With the wide range cooling products from Ergodyne, their cooling system by far will cool you down! Each cooling system includes (1) 2-gallon tank, (1) 25ft hose w/ 8 brass nozzles. The entire system will be sure to cool you and your team down during he dog says of summer!



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